Orwell’s 1984 – A 2018 How-to Guide

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The latest rounds of censorship on social media is very reminiscent of Big Brother, Newspeak, and Doublethink from George Orwell’s “1984.”*

The actions by Facebook, Twitter, and Google coincide nicely with what’s happening across the pond in Europe and England, as the EU and national governments begin to dictate what is appropriate speech, and, using the threat of terrorism, bring totalitarian actions against “the little people.”

*1984 is a book by George Orwell telling the story of society in a dystopian future (the book was written in 1949) warns against a world governed by propaganda, surveillance, and censorship. The focus is on perpetual war where only the enemy changes, and things such as “Hate Week” frame the narrative.

The lower class people making up the majority of the population are mostly ignored by the government. They are controlled by gambling, porn, and other vices that keep them distracted–while the middle class and the rich are under the constant watchful eye of Big Brother, who sees all through two-way television.

Government-approved language is called Newspeak, which includes a shortening of terms, made-up new words and censorship. Doublethink allows a person to hold two conflicting opinions–the government’s and reality.

This week, Twitter announced they would ban the use of “illegal alien.” Apparently this legal term is now “hate speech,” or at least speech that the Left hates.

Books by conservative authors are being banned from Amazon, and accounts of conservatives are being taken down from social media. This includes the “Great Awakening” thread on Reddit where people gather to discuss Q anon. Conservatives are accused of promoting violence and hatred, yet in a perfect example of Doublethink, these same platforms continue to allow users to hurl vile profanity at the President and First Lady.

Even more examples:

  • Brandon Straka, the man who started the “Walk Away from the Democrat Party” movement was banned weeks before a planned Walk Away march in Washington DC. According to Straka there are 180,000 people in the movement that he communicated with through Facebook and Twitter.
  • A leaked recording of Google leadership filmed just after the election shows founders and top officials in tears after Hillary’s loss. Co-founder Sergey Brin compares Trump supporters to fascists and extremists who are motivated by boredom. A Google VP says fear, xenophobia (fear of foreigners), hatred, and a desire for answers that “may or may not be there” is what got Trump elected.
  • The Google leadership promised to develop programs to spot and suppress conservative thought so that populist movements will be nothing more than a blip or a hiccup.
  • Software engineers are now Social Engineers, according to tech author Jamie Susskind. He told Google employees that those who design powerful digital systems now play an essentially political role in society.

Europe Now, Coming Soon to America?

In South Yorkshire, England, a new program by the police attempts to clamp down on haters. Police promise to prosecute non-criminal “hate” offenses (#HateHurtsSY) and say that anyone catching a “hater” is duty-bound to turn them in. They identify hate as:

“Any incident or crime, motivated by prejudice or hostility (or perceived to be so) against a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability.”

When the suggestion drew 400 comments objecting to the use of “Orwellian tactics,” the police doubled-down, saying they will prosecute those responsible for unacceptable online abuse.

The EU is about to pass articles 11 and 13 that will effectively censor and shut down someone’s ability to share news on the internet.

  • 11 imposes taxes on sharing links (on articles up to 20 years old) and tweeting the text of a headline.
  • 13 is a copyright directive program that will detect the use of copyrighted material and prevent it from being uploaded. In the US, we have “fair use,” which allows small clips of videos to be played so that the item can be discussed. The EU wants to end fair use, which would seriously hamper content creators.

Why this Matters: In Europe, governments are fine-tuning their approach to implementing complete totalitarianism, and, based on the actions by media in US, we may be very close behind.

Pope Blames Satan for Exposing Evil

In his Sunday, homily (sermon) the Pope included his response to a 11-page document published August 25 by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, claiming the Pope was hiding sexual misconduct and even promoting abusive priests. The Pope fired back and compared Vigano to Satan, the “great accuser,” roaming the earth and looking for someone to devour.

Pope Francis said to the congregants,

“It is true, we are all sinners, we bishops, but the great accuser seeks to unveil sins so that they may be seen, to scandalize the people.”

The Catholic Church in Germany admitted to a legacy of sexual abuse after a study found that over a 70-year period 1,670 priests had abused 3,677 children. One in six cases involved rape and most victims were abused in a church or through a pastoral relationship. Evidence was then destroyed or manipulated to cover up the crimes.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archdiocese of DC, announced that he will travel to the Vatican to discuss the resignation he presented the Pope three years ago. He called it, “the best course of action for me to pursue as we face new revelations of the extent of the horror of the clergy abuse of children and the failures in episcopal oversight.”

Wuerl was implicated in the recent grand jury report in Pennsylvania regarding thousands of cases of sexual abuse by the clergy. Allegedly, Wuerl concealed information from police, directed nominal church investigations, and approved transfers for abusive priests instead of removing them.

Why this Matters: Two types of victims come to mind in this scenario, the victims of sexual abuse who have suffered in spirit, soul, and body; and the people who bravely expose it. Abusive pastors hide behind scripture to conceal their evil. “Don’t touch God’s anointed,” and “Submit to your church leadership as unto God” are two favorites. And although these concepts are in the Bible, God will not overlook their gross misappropriation by pastors trying to hide the things of darkness. (Eph. 5:11)

Double reward is a biblical principle that works both ways, to recompense good or evil. According to verses in the Old and New Testaments, pastors who rob the flocks of God’s goodness by perpetrating evil and do not openly repent and change their ways will not get off easy.

1 Tim. 5:17 – Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.

Jer. 23:2 – Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD.

Harvesting Children’s Blood as “Ambrosia”

A company called Ambrosia, which is being funded by PayPal’s Peter Thiel, is selling children’s blood in order to combat aging. Research shows that people over the age of 35 benefit from infusions of blood from 16-25 year-olds. The company charges $8,000 for 2.5 liters of young blood.

Is there no end to people who prey upon the young?

How to Pray: Father, You have promised us through Psalm 112 that we will not be moved forever, but established in everlasting remembrance. We establish our hearts in You and we will not be afraid of storms, or politicians, or social media dictators. One day, we will see our desire upon our enemies–that those who repent will be forgiven and those who do not will be punished.

We want an end to human trafficking and especially the victimization of children. Your help is our only hope; we trust wholly in Your work to free the young and stop the abuse.

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Ps. 112:6, 8 – Surely [the righteous person] shall not be moved for ever: the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.
His heart is established, he shall not be afraid, until he see his desire upon his enemies.

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