Communist China’s All-Out Campaign for World Dominance

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Last week, Vice President Mike Pence outlined the case against China–a Communist country whose stated goal is to control 90 percent of the world’s most advanced industries by 2025. To do so, they’ve stolen American intellectual property and wage a war on every one of their citizens, are using propaganda to fight the Trump administration’s policies, and they work to influence our elections. Worst of all, the Chinese are seeking to remove US ability to protect ourselves and our citizens.

The Chinese have forgotten what a friend they’ve had in the US. In 1972, our two countries re-established diplomatic relations, and after the fall of Soviet Union, we brought China into the World Trade Organization. During the past 17 years, China’s GDP has grown nine-fold, much driven by American investment in China. They’ve paid us back with a $375 billion trade imbalance and the continual theft of our intellectual property.

In return, President Trump is now implementing tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods, with a focus on advanced industries. He has promised to do more–possibly doubling that number-unless a fair trade deal can be reached.

Stolen Intellectual Property

Intellectual property theft is a favorite of the Chinese. It was revealed last week that China was placing tiny microchips in video compression servers that are manufactured in China and sold to the US. One such customer is Amazon Web Services, which is building cloud storage for the CIA.

The chips allow attackers to create a secret point of entry into any network that accesses the servers. Investigators found that the chips were inserted at Chinese factories run by subcontractors. China makes 75 percent of the world’s mobile phones and 90 percent of its PCs.

China often coerces companies who want to do business there, forcing an exchange of technology for access to China’s markets. It’s estimated that US corporations have lost $50 billion in earnings caused by China’s thefts of intellectual property or when American companies have been forced to switch technology to local Chinese firms.

Growing Military Power

China now spends as much on its military as the rest of Asia combined, and they’re now trying to push American out of the area so that we cannot come to the aid of our allies such as Japan and South Korea.
In 2015 China said they had no intent to develop the islands in the South China Seas. That was a lie. Today, China has built several military installations, adding land mass to tiny islands so they can build runways and military bases.

Last week, a Chinese ship came within 45 yards of the USS Decatur, forcing the ship to quickly maneuver to avoid collision.

Restricting Freedom

China is perfecting their surveillance of citizens, using a technology called Dragonfly, which was created by Google. The project will create a Social Credit Score by 2020 that will allow the “trustworthy to roam, while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.”

In a 120-day campaign, China shut down more than 4,000 websites and online accounts, saying the content is harmful-ranging from political dissent to pornography. Under this social credit system, Communist China provides monetary incentives and privilege to some, while penalizing others who criticize the government. The “top citizens” get discounts, fast-tracks to better jobs, the ability to travel, and better education for their children. Overall scores are affected by personal behavior, and even by the actions of family members or associates.

Propaganda in the US

The long arm of control extends into America. The Chinese Communist Party did far more to try and influence the 2016 elections than did Russia. They have used propaganda to scare Americans about Trump’s hardline stance. A secret document that was discovered by the US government states that China must “strike accurately and carefully, splitting apart different domestic groups” in the US. A multi-page supplement disguised as a “news” was put in the Des Moines Register to cast US trade policies as reckless and harmful to farmers.

But it doesn’t stop there. US companies that operate in China are punished if any word is spoken that doesn’t support the Communist Party line. When a Marriott employee liked a tweet about Tibet, the company was pressured into firing him. China reaches into US academia also, providing generous funding to universities, think tanks and scholars, who will support the Communist Party. China Radio International broadcasts propaganda through 30+ American media outlets, and China TV reaches 75 million Americans.

Rampant Persecution

Last month, one of China’s largest underground churches was shut down. Atheist Chinese Communists are now appointing Catholic Bishops. And across the nation, government authorities are burning Bibles, tearing down crosses and imprisoning believers.

China is well-known for Gestapo tactics against dissenters. The head of Interpol (International Police), a Chinese man who lives in France, disappeared in September while on a trip to China. The media finally reported that he is being investigated for unspecified violations.

Why this Matters: This year, President Trump signed a military spending bill of $716 billion. Our aircraft are in a sad state (with parts being taken from museum pieces) and readiness has received an overall grade of “C.” Trump knows that China is our biggest threat, despite the media’s cry that it’s Russia.

Just a few weeks ago, some media outlets reported that Hillary Clinton’s servers were infiltrated and the Chinese received a “complimentary” copy of every email that was sent or received. This was during her days as Secretary of State. At the same time, between 12-22 CIA assets in China were either executed or imprisoned for helping the US. Connected?

How to Pray: That Satan’s system being perpetrated by social media giants and the Deep State/Cabal is brought down. Cause all those platforms to crash that publicly declare lies instead of truth and refuse to listen to the Most High God.

Pray for the Christian church in China, that they thrive despite the Communists. Pray for God’s protection and help in their time of need.

Thank God for a President who is fighting the battles every day to protect and defend our nation. Pray for all those who are prepared every day to sacrifice their lives to help us: our border agents, police, firefighters, and our precious military service members.

2 Cor. 1:9-10 – But we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God which raiseth the dead: Who delivered us from so great a death, and doth deliver: in whom we trust that he will yet deliver us;

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