US Overrun with Criminals While Media Focused on Missing Foreigner

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While the media is focused on a missing foreigner, a massive mob of migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are nearing Mexico headed for the US. Videos have surfaced of a man handing out cash to women and children if they will join the “caravan.”

President Trump has threatened the governments of these countries with loss of foreign aid if they allow the mob to reach the US. If the governments are unable to stop the onslaught, the President has said he will call up the military and close the border. He cites the threat of criminal elements and drugs, saying protecting the American people is far more important than the recent US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

In response:

  • Mexico sent two 727 planes filled with police officers to its southern border with Guatemala on Wednesday, with instructions to arrest any migrant who does not have proper immigration papers. They will be returned to their country of origin.
    Guatemala’s president reported that nearly 1,000 gang-bangers and 100 ISIS terrorists were apprehended in his country.
  • Many of the migrants are children, some traveling without parents. The US Border Patrol arrested 41,400+ illegals in September, up from 37,544 in August. There has been an 80 percent increase since July. More than one third of those arrested were people traveling as a family.

Trump ended the policy of separating families at the border while their cases were being considered after significant bad press–even though it was an Obama policy to begin with. One senior DHS official said the migrants viewed the end of the separation program as a clear signal to cross the border.

The US has given $1.1 billion in aid to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras in the past two years.

Why this Matters: Securing the borders is a top priority for Trump supporters, who listed that as the second most important issue in the 2016 election (the first was the economy). The money given to migrants was likely supplied by George Soros and other globalists trying to disrupt the midterm elections by paying people to swarm the US.

Don’t be surprised if the globalists staged false flags like shootings and rapes to aid the cause of painting Trump in the worst possible light. They certainly can’t count a bad economy to help win the midterms: the US is the world’s most competitive economy for the first time in a decade. There are currently more jobs than people able to fill them.

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In the meantime, Americans are still waiting for:

  • Arrests related to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi
  • Arrests of the murderer(s) of DNC employee Seth Rich who leaked Democratic National Committee information that proved Hillary stole Bernie’s nomination in 2016
  • Real investigation into Clinton’s email server and her sharing of state secrets with China, et al
  • Arrests related to the sale of 1/5th of US uranium to Russia in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation
  • The details of who got what and why in the transfer of billions taxpayer dollars to Iran
  • Arrests of Obama, Hillary, and others for their attempted coup against President Trump

About that server, Hillary…

A federal judge accused State Department officials of lying and putting their names to “clearly false” affidavits. These are related to a several lawsuits filed by Judicial Watch seeking information about Hillary Clinton’s illegal server and her handling of the 2012 Benghazi attack.

The judge said he was shocked and dumbfounded when he found out that Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s staffer, had been granted immunity during the investigation. Mills claimed she was Clinton’s lawyer, and therefore was protected under attorney-client privilege. The judge charged that State Department officials had intentionally misled him.

Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General looking into the matter, said it was “inconsistent with typical investigative strategy” for Mills to sit in while the FBI interviewed Clinton, especially because classified information traveled through Mills’ personal email account. “[T]here are serious potential ramifications when one witness attends another witness’ interview,” he wrote in his June report.

Why this Matters: The investigations by congressional committees into Hillary’s server and the attempted Obama-Clinton coup against Trump have all stalled because witnesses are claiming the 5th Amendment. It’s this kind of obstruction and the Democrat/socialist ideal of open borders that are the real threats to our democracy.

Meanwhile, Robert Mueller, who is investigating Trump-Russia “collusion,” says he will provide a report of his key findings after the midterm elections. If he had solid evidence against the President, no doubt that report would have been published already.

Call it a “Small Fish” Fry…

While we wait for the big fish to be caught, we are seeing a few lower-level miscreants being nabbed and prosecuted. For example just this week:

A top employee at an investigative arm of the Treasury Department was arrested on Wednesday for leaking thousands of files containing confidential financial information about the Trump team. Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, 40, gave a reporter bank reports on suspicious financial transactions involving Paul Manafort, one-time Trump campaign manager and Richard Gates, a campaign official, plus a Russian agent, and the Russian Embassy.

The reporter’s name that received the leak hasn’t been released, but the documents list ten or more stories published by Buzzfeed News over the past 18 months. The latest story ran on Monday.

One other higher-ranking Treasury official was cited in court papers as a co-conspirator. This unnamed official exchanged more than 300 messages with a reporter using an encrypted messaging app.

Former FBI agent Terry James Albury was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison for leaking national defense information to The Intercept. He says he acted out of conscience and felt troubled by racism at the FBI.

Carmen Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, was surprised when FBI agents raided her office in connection with an investigation into fraud and obstruction.

President Trump questioned new research suggesting Hurricane Maria was responsible for nearly 3,000 deaths when the previous official death toll was 64.

Trump blamed hurricane response inefficiencies on the Puerto Rican government. He recently quoted Fox Business host Lou Dobbs who said Puerto Rico is run by “one of the most corrupt governments in our country.”

James Wolfe, 57, the director of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee stole information and leaked it to reporters. The information was published by his girlfriend who worked at Politico and BuzzFeed News. Wolfe was found guilty of lying to the FBI about his contact with reporters. Because this has to do with the attempted coup against Trump, it’s possible that Wolfe has traded a lighter sentence in exchange for exposing higher ranking officials.

Where They are Focused:
the Khashoggi Disappearance

The media worldwide is up in arms over missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who is said to have entered the Saudi Embassy in Turkey but never came out. The Turks and the Saudis are investigating. So far, there is no evidence of what happened, but that hasn’t stopped the Western media from promoting a story out of Turkey that Khashoggi was interrogated, tortured, and killed by Saudi government hit men. CNN reported that they used a chain saw to cut him into pieces and smuggle his body out of the country.

On Thursday, security camera photos surfaced showing a close associate of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia entering and exiting the Embassy the same day Khashoggi visited, standing outside the consulate, and in front of a hotel with a large suitcase.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who just returned from Turkey, says the administration is waiting for final reports out of Turkey and Saudi Arabia before weighing in on the allegations.

How to Pray: Declare ineffective every political campaign designed to weaken and sicken our nation and speak victory over every conservative running for office. Pray for the President’s safety as he continues traversing the country and for wisdom as he strives to make improvements to our nation.

Pray that the migrants will turn back home, and the conditions there will improve so they won’t want to leave.

Continue praying for all hurricane victims.

Lev. 26:8 – And five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight: and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword.

Matt. 18:19 – Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

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