Paris Protestors Force Macron to Back off 

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The city of Paris has been experiencing the worst rioting in more than a decade as thousands of masked protestors set fire to cars, banks, and homes. They have been calling for French President Emmanuel Macron to resign and for an end to high taxes. At least 400 people were arrested on Saturday, and 130 were injured, including 23 police.

Macron had new taxes set to begin in January to pay for renewable energy to fight climate change. The French are fed-up with fuel prices of more than $7 per gallon for diesel and gasoline.

On Sunday, Macron threatened to declare a state of emergency, but police and firefighters refused to comply; the cops removed their helmets in solidarity with the protestors and firefighters turned their backs and walked out.

Macron later announced he would temporarily suspend the tax increases.

Leaders in the gilet jaunts or “yellow vest” movement responded that Macron did not go far enough and they will not stop until Macron is out. Elections take place in March.

Many in France, Britain and other European nations are angry about the seemingly limitless migration of refugees from the Middle East and Africa. To put it mildly, the newcomers haven’t been assimilating well.

The UN blames this on the citizens of these countries and has come up with a “Migration Pact” that was to be signed December 10-11. It makes migration a “human right.” The UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights outlined the signers responsibility to prosecute “intolerance, xenophobia, racism, and other forms of discrimination against migrants.”

At first, only the US refused to sign, now there are a total of 18 countries who refuse: US, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Israel, Italy, Estonia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Belgium, and Denmark.

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1,900 arrested over the weekend

The battle at the southern border in the US continues, and troops will remain in place. The President still hopes for a border wall, but with the shift in power in the House, Democrats will have to sign-on.

Most US migrants are on welfare, according to a report issued by the Center for Immigrations Studies. Sixty-three percent of non-citizen households–half of whom are here illegally–are receiving government benefits. But the government payouts to illegals are even worse in some states:

California – 72%

Texas – 69%

Florida – 57%

New York – 53%

The news isn’t good for citizens, either. Thirty-five percent of American households are on some form of welfare.

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Why this Matters: As President Trump tweeted, we are spending about $250 billion a year to fight illegal immigration, and yet the wall will cost $25 billion. It pays for itself and should be built immediately.

Pray that Congress will fund the wall, or Trump will figure out a way to get it done without them.


Time Nearly Out for GOP Investigations

As the year winds down, several investigations that need to be wrapped up were delayed due to President Bush’s funeral. The investigations include Hillary’s use of an illegal server that was accessed by the Chinese and perhaps other foreign intelligence agencies, Hillary’s pay-for-play scheme in which government programs and contracts were awarded to Clinton foundation donors, the attempted coup to oust Trump, and the illegal surveillance of Trump campaign staff.

  • John Huber, the US Attorney in charge of prosecuting misconduct uncovered by the FBI/DOJ Inspector General’s investigations will testify before Congress regarding the Clinton Foundation on December 13.
  • Former FBI Director James Comey is supposed to testify about an email chain related to the phony Trump dossier. Comey called it “salacious” and “unverified,” yet the dossier was used by his FBI to substantiate spying on the Trump team. The committee wants these emails declassified.
  • Former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn will receive little or no jail time per the request of Special Counsel Mueller. According to NBC News, there appears to be a separate criminal investigation going on outside of Mueller’s purview for which Flynn has been providing significant assistance.
  • Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the special counsel in what has been called a perjury trap. It may be that Flynn–who worked for two years in the Obama White House–has damaging information on them which he provided in this “separate criminal investigation.”
  • Some media outlets report that Mueller is finishing up and about to release his final report on so-called Trump-Russia collusion to the Attorney General. At that point, key members of Congress will get a brief overview before deciding whether or not the findings will be made public.
  • Bill Priestap, a top official at the DOJ, and a holdover from the Obama administration, announced his retirement on Friday. Priestap is the last at the DOJ who was involved in the Clinton email investigation or the probe into Trump-Russia collusion.

Why this Matters: The last of the dirty officials at the top of the DOJ are gone. Hallelujah! The Comey emails may be the most incriminating evidence to date that will prove the FBI knew the dossier was phony, yet used it anyway to convince judges to approve “foreign surveillance” (FISA) on Trump’s people.

This dossier is the base of the coup attempt, and it likely goes all the way to the top of the Obama administration.

How to Pray: Continue asking the Father to expose the evildoers and that everything that has been hidden will come to light. Pray that at the right time, the documents will be declassified and the controlled media won’t have any way to hide the truth.

Pray for the people of California affected by the fires. A total of 85 have died and 10 people remain unaccounted for. Pray for God’s comfort and peace.

Pray for the recovery of six US Marines who were lost at sea after a refueling accident off the coast of Japan when an F-18 collided with a C-130. One has been rescued, but the condition of the others is not known. Pray for God’s mercy and compassion on these heroes and their families.

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