Buck Up! Rough Ride Ahead PART II

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The above is President Trump’s tweet from September 5, 2018, which “Q” reposted on March 9, adding, “IT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN. BE VIGILANT.”

View parts I and II on YouTube.

(From Part I)
There is no easy way to say this. The days ahead may be very rough. Our nation is at a crossroads where our reaction to the exposure of what has gone on for the past three years will determine our future. How will people react when the ugly truth is fully exposed?

The Deep State and global elite and their propagandists in the Fake News Media have made sure that their guilt stays hidden. And through a tactic known as psychological “projection,” they have convinced the average American that Donald Trump and Trump supporters are the real seat of evil.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In Part I, we looked at last week’s headlines, now let’s zero-in on the breaking news that will shock those who are paying attention and not compromised by the ruling elite. This is the real truth they will no longer be able to hide.

PART II – Treason at the Highest Levels

Here are the latest nuts and bolts of the coup attempt against President Trump. There are dozen of threads in this story, so we will concentrate here on what has come out just in the last week.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) released the full deposition from Bruce Ohr, a former FBI top official who testified in a closed-door session before Congress last August.

  • His wife Nellie worked for Christopher Steele to compile the phony dossier that was used to trick the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court into approving warrants to spy on Trump and his campaign team.
  • In order to operate secretly, Nellie put her information on a thumb drive, and gave it to Bruce.
  • Bruce in turn passed it on to the FBI.
  • The dossier alleging Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election was created by Fusion GPS/Glenn Simpson and was paid for by four entities: the FBI itself, Hillary, the Democratic National Committee, and a wealthy Russian named Oleg Deripaska.
  • The FBI shouldn’t be in the business of creating evidence–so this admission is astonishing.
  • Deripaska resented Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort because of a business deal that went bad. Manafort was indicted for tax evasion and bank fraud which were uncovered in the Russia collusion investigation, but have nothing to do with Trump.
  • Manafort was sentenced to go to prison for as much time as a murderer, which is highly unusual for white collar crime. Another vendetta to hurt the President and his associates?

Because Ohr’s testimony was read into the public record by Doug Collins, we also know about these contradictions:

  1. Bruce Ohr testified he met with Glenn Simpson and Steele during the 2016 campaign; Simpson said they didn’t meet until after the election.
  2. Ohr said he told FBI about his contacts with Steele during the campaign; Schiff said Ohr didn’t tell the FBI about his contacts with Steele until after the election.
  3. Ohr said he told the FBI of the dossier’s biased source and Steele’s personal mission to stop Trump; the FBI claimed it was unaware of any derogatory information about Steele.
  4. The Special Counsel’s office has long been aware of the phony dossier and payments to Steele; the surveillance court wasn’t told, also called “conspiracy to commit fraud.”
  5. Steele testified under oath that he didn’t know if any of the dossier is true; the unverified dossier became the bulk of evidence against Trump aide Carter Page in order to spy on him

Someone is lying!

Jeff Sessions, Trump’s former Attorney General, was also under investigation by the FBI for Russian collusion, according to a new book by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Sessions spoke with the Russian ambassador to the US at a large gathering, but forgot and denied he did so during his Senate confirmation hearing. Sessions explained he did not try to mislead Congress, and later corrected the record.

There is no law against speaking to foreigners during a political campaign, and the investigation into Sessions is unprecedented. McCabe was fired in 2018 for lying to the FBI, repeatedly, under oath.

On Friday, a copy of the letter Sessions wrote in November 2017 asking Special Prosecutor John Huber to look into the sale of a Canadian uranium mining company to Russia. The beneficiaries of the deal gave massive sums to the Clintons’ charity—Hillary was Secretary of State at the time and had to “sign-off” on the deal. At the time, Bill Clinton also picked up a check for $500,000 for a speech in Moscow. Coincidence?

The evidence in clear: people at the highest levels of our government tried to steal an election. After the election, they tried to remove the winner. Operating at the top of this treachery was Barack Obama. According to the Trump insider who calls himself “Q,” there are recordings and other logs showing that Obama got his daily briefings on this plot in the situation room of the White House. Under him was CIA Director John Brennan and FBI Director James Comey, who used their agencies to carry out “Operation Crossfire Hurricane,” which used British spies to entrap Trump associates in order to push the collusion narrative.

This is an abuse of power the likes of which we have never seen in the history of our country, yet at the same time, we have Democrats behaving like they exist in an alternative universe. Consider the following:

1. Adam Schiff (D-CA) sent staffers to consult with former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen for 10 hours leading up to his congressional hearing where he testified against Trump for several days. In legal terms, this is called witness tampering.

  • Schiff wants to force the President to testify under oath about collusion with Russia, despite the facts that nothing has been discovered after two years of searching by the Special Counsel, and a bipartisan Senate panel that interviewed 200 witnesses and hundreds of thousands of documents and found no evidence.
  • Schiff also secretly met with Glenn Simpson (a key witness in a House investigation).

2. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) sent letters to 81 Trump family members and associates requesting documents. Nadler has promised to keep searching for a crime until he finds one–and is doing what Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) calls “an unconstitutional inquisition.” Collins cited Watkins v. United States, a 1957 Supreme Court ruling that concluded: “there is no general authority to expose the private affairs of individuals without justification in terms of the functions of the Congress.”

Nadler would be in charge of impeachment proceedings against Trump should the Democrats take it that far.

Why this Matters: When are Americans going to stand up for the rule of law and life? It is up to you, dear reader, to help spread the information, to inform everyone you know, to wake people up. Thank you for praying and being part of the Great Awakening. Our country and our lives are at stake.

How to Pray: Pray that God will continue to expose the evil while giving us great opportunities to communicate truth. Pray that people will wake up!

Remember that God protects us and we abide in the secret place of the Most High, and that He expects to carry out the ultimate justice–especially for those who escape justice on earth. Let’s keep our hearts clean of hatred, malice, and slander.

Psalm 91:1, 2 – He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

Rom. 6:12, 13 – Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof. Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.

Praise Report!

In November, I was asked to contribute one chapter to a book about the Q movement, which is called the Great Awakening. I didn’t think anything would come of this little book. However, it was released on Monday and stayed at #1 or #2 for several days this week on the Amazon best-seller list for all categories. It’s still in the top ten.

That is not a fluke. That’s God! All praise and glory to Him.

Please keep the publisher, authors and audience in your prayers. Conservatives are being targeted by social media and YouTube, being banned with no explanation given.

Amazon is on-board with the censorship and removed hundreds of reviews of the book. Some people report trying to post a positive review and not being able to.

Most of the authors, including myself, are electing to donate what we earn from the book to a scholarship fund for independent journalists.

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