Seditious Conspiracy in Five Easy Steps

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“Seditious conspiracy is a move by two or more people to overthrow the government of the United States.” 18 U.S. Code § 2384

What if the Russian hoax was a set-up to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president–and once elected, used to remove him from office?

Last week, George Papadopoulos, a former aide to to the Trump campaign began telling his story. Papadopoulos was the hook the FBI used to begin investigating President Trump and his associates. He was offered dirt contained in Hillary’s emails by a man named Joesph Mifsud. The FBI claims he is a Russian agent.

Russian collusion or seditious conspiracy? See what you think.

1. University professor Stefan Halper (who worked in four US administrations) invited George Papadopoulos to come to London at the end of 2015 to meet with him and write a report on the energy sector. Halper had his flirtatious assistant named Azra Turk–who barely spoke English–try to extract information from Papadopoulos about Trump and Russia. There was nothing to tell. Papadopoulos says he was very suspicious and felt like he had been set up. He now believes Turk was a CIA agent.

The same day Papadopoulos met with Halper and Turk, he was also invited to meet with officials from the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Papadopoulos believes that was another set-up because these were high level officials. He says the President’s tweet about UK spying was specifically about this operation.

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2. In February 2016, the London Center for International Law offered Papadopoulos a job, which he accepted. All of the officials at LCINL were either connected to western intelligence organizations or law firms. A month later, he resigned, intending to join the Trump campaign.

  • His bosses at LCINL insisted that before George left, he should go with them to Link University in Rome because it would be very good for his career.
  • The Link campus is frequented by FBI agents and used annually for agent training.
  • Here Papadopoulos met professor Joseph Mifsud who dangles a carrot, saying Russia has thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Papadopoulos didn’t take it further.

3. The Mueller report is written, characterizing Mifsud as a Russian agent, yet he also has multiple ties to foreign spy agencies in the US, UK, and Italy, and with the US State Department. When questioned by the FBI in 2017 about his involvement with Papadopoulos, Mifsud was in the US, attending an event at the Capitol that was hosted by the US State Department.

4. In April 2016, the FBI asked Papadopoulos about Mifsud offering him thousands of Hillary’s emails. This was a whole year before they got information about those emails when they questioned Mifsud. The Mueller report states that Papadopoulos told Australian diplomat Alexander Downer about his talks with Mifsud, who then informed U.S. officials in 2017, a year after they questioned Papadopoulos. How did the FBI know to ask about the emails?

5. According to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), as the Mueller team did their investigation, they also wrote stories that were leaked to the press that contained half-truths. The stories were then used to suggest malfeasance and add substance to the report. Nunes cites the example of Mifsud who was alleged to be a Russian agent, when in reality, he was tied to several western spy agencies–with pictures of him standing with FBI agents to prove it. According to Papadopoulos, Mifsud’s lawyer is now telling the Italian press that his client was being forced to act by US spy agencies.

Why this Matters: Rep. Nunes is giving the CIA, FBI, NSA and State Department a week to turn over documents related to Joseph Mifsud. Perhaps the following questions will be answered:

  • Who was Mifsud really working for?
  • Who was running the operation on Papadopoulos and how did it start?
  • How much did US spy agencies pay these foreign assets?
  • How many spies were involved?
  • Did British, Australian and Italian spy agencies act as “outsources” for the Obama administration, doing the things it is illegal for them to do?

It will not be long before Attorney General Bill Barr and Inspector General Michael Horowitz have all of the truth and will likely show that this was an operation run by conspirators in Obama’s CIA and FBI, who, with the help of foreign governments, tried to remove Donald Trump.

Barr Under Fire

On the eve of AG Barr’s testimony before the Committee, Mueller’s team leaked a letter in which Mueller accused Barr of not fully capturing the “context, nature, and substance” of the Mueller investigation. This was an interim memo Barr published while the sensitive information was being redacted from the full report.

Barr said Mueller’s letter was “a bit snitty,” and he phoned Mueller to discuss it. There were witnesses present who also took notes. Barr said Mueller did not challenge the accuracy of the memo, but wasn’t happy because he wanted the full report to be released at once. He also thought the media coverage was unfair.

Democrats are furious with Barr.

House Oversight Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) says he is going to charge Barr with contempt of Congress for defying a committee subpoena to release the full, unreacted report and underlying documents. According to Barr, some information is protected by law and lawmakers already have access to all but 2% of the information in the report.

Reps. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Kathleen Rice (D-NY) are asking the Virginia and DC bar associations to investigate Barr for not correctly characterizing the 448-page report in his summary and stating the President was fully exonerated.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) responded to these accusations by writing a letter to Mueller, asking him to provide testimony to the committee regarding any misrepresentation by Barr of the substance of the phone call.

The White House is also fighting back.

Emmet Flood, White House Counsel, wrote to Barr outlining the problems with the Special Counsel’s actions and their 448-page report. Flood says they failed to act as prosecutors only, intentionally not rendering a prosecution decision—to prosecute or not. He stated:

  • The report was instead full of information labeled as fact that has never been subjected to adversarial testing or independent analysis.
  • The Mueller report provided information about the investigation to give Congress a road map for action, which is in essence a refusal to follow applicable law.
  • The President retains the right of executive privilege and the White House will vigorously oppose subpoenas (a power given by the Supreme Court to protect certain internal communications from being disclosed.)

Why this Matters: Mueller is scheduled to testify before Nadler’s committee on May 15. Whether he does or not is another matter. Barr’s record of their conversation will show that there is nothing to the accusations by Democrats. In the meantime, the Inspector General’s investigation will be released, undoubtedly showing more seditious conspiracy. Plus the President has promised to have scads of other information made public–including the warrants to spy on his associates based on nothing more than the phony dossier.

The next few months should prove very interesting.

How to Pray: Praise God who is the righteous judge. May His will be done!

2 Cor. 13:8 – For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.

1 Kings 8:32 – Then hear thou in heaven, and do, and judge thy servants, condemning the wicked, to bring his way upon his head; and justifying the righteous, to give him according to his righteousness.

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