Signs of Desperation

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When the Russian election interference strategy didn’t work to remove President Trump, his opponents came up with “the phone call.” This was a July 25th conversation with the newly elected President Zelensky of Ukraine. The allegation is when Trump asked Zelensky to “do us a favor” and look into the Bidens and their strange sweetheart deal with Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company that was suspected of massive corruption, it was a veiled threat to withhold financial aid. President Trump was asking Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election.

Then a “whistleblower” came forward, saying he had an “urgent concern” about that phone call. This was not first-hand knowledge, but hearsay. Even so, President Trump had the transcript of the call released. The transcript–a factual summary but not a word-for-word text of the phone call–shows Trump asking Zelensky to look into the Bidens, but not demanding or threatening to pull financial aid.

No matter. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, are telling lies and half-truths, which testify to their desperation.

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Lie: Trump was in the midst of withholding financial aid to Ukraine, and Zelensky knew it.

  • Truth: The aid was on hold at the time, but Zelensky didn’t know that. The aid was released shortly after the phone call, without any investigation into Biden taking place and no promise of such. Zelensky said during a press conference he wasn’t pressured by President Trump.

Lie: Trump pressured Zelensky to manufacture dirt on the Bidens.

  • Truth: The mountain of dirt extends back many years, long before Trump’s candidacy and long before Zelensky’s election.

Lie: Schiff didn’t have any contact with the whistleblower before the allegation was made and the official form filled out.

  • Truth: The whistleblower went to Schiff, and Schiff and his lawyers crafted the complaint based on third-hand “hearsay” information. Mysteriously, rules were then changed to allow hearsay instead of first-hand testimony.
  • On Tuesday it was revealed that the whistleblower, who is a registered Democrat and on the CIA’s payroll, has a “professional relationship with one of the 2020 candidates,” possibly Biden.
  • Now Schiff is reporting there is another whistleblower. This time with first-hand information. Schiff will keep the person’s identity and testimony secret, using a voice-distortion device so that even Republicans on the committee won’t know his or her true identity because of death threats.
  • One wonders how that can be when he/she is anonymous.

Lie: Nancy Pelosi says she knew the contents of the July 25th phone call before President Trump released the transcript.

  • Truth: Either she is a spy and listened in on the call without the President’s permission, or someone else did and then leaked the classified transcript. Otherwise, Pelosi is lying.

Lie: Trump has no right to ask for an investigation of Joe Biden.

  • Truth: President Bill Clinton signed an agreement with Ukraine that is still in effect today to work together to clean up corruption.

Lie: Kurt Volker, former special envoy to Ukraine, gave damning testimony against Trump.

  • Truth: According to GOP representatives who were in the room, Volker testified there was no “quid pro quo”—President Trump did not demand an investigation in exchange for anything. Volker turned over text messages to Schiff–who then selectively released them to make it appear Trump is guilty. Schiff refused to release Volker’s testimony.

Lie: President Trump has excused the Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, from testifying before the committee because he is trying to hide something.

  • Truth: The President sent Speaker Pelosi an 8-page letter on Tuesday rejecting her demands for cooperation because it is “constitutionally invalid and a violation of due process” since she has not formally begun an impeachment inquiry through a vote by the House.
  • If she did take a vote, the minority party would have enforceable rights and the executive branch would have input.
  • The President would be represented by counsel who would have the right to provide evidence, object, cross-examine and suggest witnesses.
  • The minority would have the right to issue subpoenas. Is it any wonder she is avoiding a vote?

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The White House announced Tuesday it has enlisted the help of former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to combat the impeachment effort (pictured above).

Like true colluders and deceivers, House Democrats and never-trumpers in the Republican party, plus their propagandists in the media, believe they can sway the public to impeach and remove Donald Trump. This is their campaign platform for 2020.

No wonder they’re desperate. Look at these statistics:

  • Unemployment dropped to 3.5 percent and is at a 50-year low
  • Census Bureau reports income inequality declined. The share of the “income pie” rose for the bottom 3 quintiles, with the biggest increase coming for working class, blue collar Americans
  • Median Family incomes are up $4,000+ under Trump, which doesn’t include the $2,000 tax cut. In the 8 years under Obama, incomes went up $1,000
  • CBS poll found majority of Americans disapprove of impeachment: 55 percent to 45 percent
  • Investors’ Business Daily poll found nearly 60 percent of all Americans think the Department of Justice should investigate the Bidens
  • Fundraising records smashed. The President broke two records: he raised $15 million in one day during his trip to California; he raised $125 million in the third quarter of 2019 and $308 overall.

Why this Matters: The swamp has even more reason to be nervous:

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  • Special Prosecutor John Durham (right), Attorney General William Barr, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have all been in Europe talking with officials from Britain, Italy, and Australia gathering evidence of the Obama administration’s criminal conduct.
  • Durham and Barr are interviewing spy agency officers regarding help they may have given the FBI in the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign.
  • Durham is now asking for additional agents and resources and has expanded the time frame of his investigation.

Pelosi is calling this “going rogue,” and says the President has attempted to bury the whistleblower complaint. She is asking her members to gin up support for impeachment—mainly because this is their last hope for 2020.

How to Pray: That the Deep State will be fully exposed and that the “shaking” that many Americans will feel when their heroes fall causes them to look for Truth. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father, or has any form of lasting peace, without Jesus. Pray that many will find Him.

Ps. 147:6, 9-10 – The LORD lifteth up the meek: he casteth the wicked down to the ground. He delighteth not in the strength of the horse: he taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man. The LORD taketh pleasure in them that fear him, in those that hope in his mercy.


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