This is the Video YT Wouldn’t Let You See

Hello Friend,

The initial video for Thursday’s newsletter was corrupted by YouTube. The audio was disconnected from the video; it was out of sync. So I took it down, thinking I would try re-uploading my original, which did not have any technical issues.

I worked for at least 12 hours trying to get it re-uploaded. After six tries, including times when I re-recorded the front section so as to make it a “new” video, YouTube would not process any of the videos. This is the last step before the public can see it.

Today, I scrapped the video and started over. I spelled anything I thought would trip the censors, and I re-named Disney, calling it the “louse factory.” This link will take you to it.

Watch on YouTube

If there was any question before that YouTube is doubling-down to censor truth-tellers–especially conservatives–this incident erased any doubt in my mind.

Please pray for us and others who are trying to get the word out.

Thank you,

Lori and Bob Colley

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