The Two Most Dangerous Outcomes

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The coronavirus crisis is on its way out as we are “flattening the curve” on the backside of the pandemic in the US. The governor of Georgia is beginning the process of opening up his state, with hair salons and gyms back to work on Friday, and restaurants and movie theaters on Monday. President Trump said this move by Governor Kemp was against his advice, but he said each governor should do what he or she feels is right. 

Media outlets are calling this a “deadly error,” and warn the virus is not yet under control. They ignore the sad state of the economy—with 26 million people unemployed and millions more about to join them if the shutdown continues.

  • The Democrat Party’s rising star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demands that workers rise up and boycott. She advises that when businesses re-open people should refuse to go back to work, even after the pandemic because “it’s not safe.”
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned “We will have coronavirus in the fall. I am convinced of that… what happens with that will depend on how we’re able to contain it when it occurs.” 
  • Dr. Robert Redfeld, head of the CDC, explained that in the fall, when we begin the next flu season, the coronavirus will be difficult to distinguish from the flu—and hospitals will face the struggle of fighting two viruses.

What could possibly drive our country’s leading voices to suggest a perpetual shutdown—is it fear, or is there something else? There is a two-pronged attack on our lives beyond the virus that threatens to kill our democratic republic once and for all.

Attack #1: Hijack the election

Speaker Pelosi is threatening to hold up relief funds in order to include ballot harvesting in the legislation. This controversial practice permits third parties to fill out and deliver mail-in ballots. “Granny Farming” is like it, aimed at seeking out massive groups of senior citizens to help them request mail-in ballots and then assist them in filling their ballots out when they arrive.

  • California is the only state where ballot harvesting is legal, but if Speaker Pelosi gets her way, there will be funding and a mandate for all states to allow for mail-in balloting and third-party ballot harvesting.
  • Governors who have tried to delay voting or usher in vote-by-mail during the primary season have been unsuccessful. In Wisconsin, the State Supreme Court overturned the governor’s order to postpone the primary election on April 6. 
  • Hillary Clinton’s lawyer for her illegal email scandal and her campaign is working hard to implement ballot harvesting in Nevada. He is threatening to sue the state unless it immediately suspends prosecutions for ballot harvesting before the June 9 primary.

What if Democrats succeed?

  • According to federal data, 28.4 million mail-in ballots have gone missing in the past four election cycles.
  • In 2012, of the 33 million ballots that were mailed out, 4 million went missing, 425,000 were undeliverable, and 260,000 were “spoilt,” or improperly marked and thus rejected.

A Pew Research Center study shows that approximately 24 million ineligible voters would receive ballots in November with balloting by mail. There are 462 counties in America where voter registrations outnumber the amount of people who actually live in that county. Many of those jurisdictions are in key battleground states.

Why this Matters: Does anyone think that Democrat presumptive nominee Joe Biden can stand up to a grueling campaigning schedule? He cannot seem to form coherent sentences for something as simple as an interview with friendly CNN anchors. What’s more, the shutdown has removed every economic gain by the Trump administration and also prevents him from holding wildly successful rallies. Coincidence?

New monitoring app available to find social-distancing violations

Attack #2: Make way for universal surveillance

Americans are afraid of getting sick and of spreading disease to others. They want to return to normal life—whatever that means going forward—yet many are hesitant. 

Enter the tech companies, ready with the perfect answer: a new workplace monitoring tool that issues an alert when anyone is less than six feet apart. Amazon is currently using software to monitor the distances between their warehouse staff.

That’s one way to ruin relationships. The next, more invasive step takes things even farther.

The Bluetooth on your phone will be used to track who has coronavirus. This so-called “contact tracing” is an app that Google and Apple are working on.

  • It records your in-person encounters. If someone tests positive for the virus, the app determines who else you’ve infected. 
  • The phones communicate with a cloud-based computer server that sends a code to other phones. Anyone who was within rangewithin the past 14 days receives an alert. 

Supposedly, privacy will be preserved. And the apps would be voluntary, at least for now. Some agency would be appointed to run the service—and it relies on a robust testing system already in place. 

Tech writers warn that without this app, contact tracing requires an army of people to conduct interviews with coronavirus patients and reach out to those who are potentially infected, or could become infected.

But that’s not all!

In Connecticut, drones are already being used to monitor social distancingand detecting virus symptoms. Drone manufacturer Draganfly* is working with police departments to fly the drones above citizens and can display a person’s temperature, heart/respiratory rates, and detect sneezing or coughing. 

*Dragan is a Slavic word for “precious.” In the Urban Dictionary, it means “perfection” (of surveillance?)

YouTube CEO warns any videos not following W.H.O protocols will be removed

Enter the Nanny State

There is a tug-o-war over CoVid-19 treatments that puts American lives at risk. President Trump recommended a certain drug combined with a mineral and an anti-biotic to combat the disease. Read this powerful story about a State House representative who credits the protocol with saving her life. This cheap remedy has been around since 1955 and costs just 29 cents for 200 mg.

On the other hand, American media in concert on Wednesday began pushing back, calling it a death sentence. The study they have cited was a small sample of elderly veterans who had advanced cases of coronavirus. It was not effective for them, first, because the mineral was omitted, and second, the protocol was used when the patients were dying. 

  • The names are omitted in this newsletter because YouTube (owned by Google) has announced it will begin deleting videos and punishing content creators who suggest any treatment options other than what is recommended by the World Health Organization, which has a terrible record for corruption and graft.
  • For our “future security,” tech companies and health experts suggest that those who have the coronavirus antibodies—either by having developed an immunity naturally or by a receiving a forthcoming vaccine—carry a proof of immunity. This might be in the form of a digital certificate that resides in the body.

Bill Gates and leading pharmaceutical companies donate billions of dollars to the CDC, BARDA (a division of the Department of Health and Human Services), the National Institutes of Health, and the World Health Organization. Gates and at least 21 pharmaceuticals are working on a vaccine.

Is the day coming when everyone on earth is required to get a vaccine in order to go to school or work?

Why this Matters: Growing evidence suggests that extreme measures are no help to combat this malady. Compare Sweden, that remained open during the pandemic, with New York that shut completely down. 

  • Sweden has 10 million people and reported 2,021 deaths (less than .03%)
  • New York has nearly 20 million people and 20,354 related deaths (.1%)

Sweden’s strategy, called “herd immunity” was aimed at allowing exposure to the virus among the general population, while protecting the elderly. Sweden has fewer deaths proportionally and will have a much easier time returning to normal.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio says he will not allow businesses to reopen until July or August. Will there be any businesses left to reopen?

How to Pray: Continuing asking God to reveal truth and opening the eyes, ears, hearts and minds of our families and friends to receive it. Ask God to spare our land. Pray health, safety, strength, discernment and humility for our President and governors. Stay in an attitude of thanksgiving to God for He is a merciful Father.

Jdg 9:51 – But there was a strong tower within the city, and thither fled all the men and women, and all they of the city, and shut it to them, and gat them up to the top of the tower.

Prov. 18:10 – The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

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