Masks, Vaccines, and the Battle for America

Kroger, Walmart, Target, CVS, and several states now require masks for all

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It was supposed to be “15 days to flatten the curve.” But today, four months into the coronavirus cataclysm, there are no signs of relief. We’re back to masks, shutdowns, and catastrophic numbers of those afflicted.
Soon, we will be asked to accept a coronavirus vaccine.

The pharmaceutical company Moderna has begun trials sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Although researchers claim that “no trial-limiting safety concerns were identified,” a majority of those vaccinated reported side effects like chills, fatigue, headache, myalgia, fever, joint pain and nausea. When the doses increased, so did the problems. Every person who received larger doses had adverse effects after the second injection.

The vaccine is being called a success, and Moderna plans to begin manufacturing in 4-6 weeks, well before FDA approval.

Can we Trust Vaccines?

There is a growing skepticism about vaccines. The CDC recommends 22-24 vaccinations for children age 0-10, plus a flu shot every six months. Most doctors do not explain what’s in them, or tell parents they can opt-out. Some pediatricians even refuse to treat the non-vaccinated.

Besides causing mild to serious side effects, all common vaccines contain questionable elements, including aborted fetal cells, animal and human blood, genetically modified DNA, plus allergens and toxins. Here is a sample from the CDC’s Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary of the use of aborted children in developing vaccines:

  • RA 27/3 – developed using 27 aborted babies. The name means: Rubella Abortus, 27th fetus, 3rd tissue culture explant.
  • WI-38 – cultivated from a 3-4 month baby girl aborted in 1964.
  • MRC-5 – derived from the lung tissue of a baby boy aborted at 14 weeks in 1966 for “psychiatric” reasons.
  • Vaccines were initially tested on mentally disabled children as young as 14 months old.

Why this Matters: If that’s not enough, remember that formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury are added to vaccines as preservatives, stabilizers, and stimulants. They are toxic to our bodies, but said to be in such small amounts they are harmless. It’s not too soon to consider what you will do when asked to be vaccinated for Covid-19.

Masks a Must?

We’ve been told that Covid-19 is more terrible than ever, that masks are essential—even mandated by law in some states and in a growing number of retailers. Further shutdowns and the fate of the fall semester for students are being discussed, all based on faulty data like:

  • Counting repeat tests as new cases. When an employer mandates repeated testing, every case is counted as though it is a different person.
  • This week, the San Antonio, Texas health department removed 3,484 supposedly positive cases from their data. These were noted as “probable” cases from one day’s reporting and not confirmed. They should not have been included in the count.
  • Florida is even worse. Early this week, dozens of clinics reported 100 percent of those tested had coronavirus. Orlando Health reported a 98 percent positivity rate, but with further investigation, it was discovered that the actual rate was 9.4 percent. It seems that the labs omitted the numbers of people who tested negative.
  • Worst of all: Phoenix mayor Kate Gallego told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that Maricopa County’s health department had just ordered refrigerated trucks because they were running out of space in the morgue due to the virus. According to a representative for the hospital system, the order had been cancelled well before her interview because the trucks weren’t needed.

Let’s Depopulate the Prisons, Close Schools!

California Governor Newsom will release another 8,000 prisoners in order to slow the spread of coronavirus. He has already sent 10,000 inmates packing–but states no violent criminals, or those who may become violent, will be released. Gov. Newsom also completely shut down indoor areas including gyms, salons, and churches (which were open, but with no singing) yet allows mass protests.

Despite the warnings, many schools will reopen in August. They will do health checks, require all-day masks, have staggered attendance and strict social distancing, plus eliminate gyms and cafeteria service. According USA Today,

  • 60 percent of parents surveyed said they will likely choose at-home learning
  • 30 percent of parents said they were very likely to keep their children home.
  • Others said they will withdraw their children and independently homeschool.

Los Angeles Unified School District was set to open, but the teachers’ union refused unless there is a new wealth tax, defunding of police and charter schools, new housing for the homeless, increased funding for schools, and drastic health measures. The head of the LAUSD announced they would continue with remote schooling in the fall. 

Why this Matters: We still haven’t received a logical explanation for why masks didn’t work in May, but they work now. Is that because a docile, obedient electorate is necessary to keep us afraid of voting in person, which is more secure than using mail-in ballots? 

On Tuesday, the White House ordered medical centers to bypass the CDC and send all patient information to a central database in Washington. Perhaps the administration smells a rat and wants more careful scrutiny of the data. Federal health official Michael Caputo reported this is a new, faster, and complete data system that will streamline the government response.

How to Pray: In times of crisis, God calls us to prayer and repentance–however unpopular this may be in the post-modern church. Pray for a national revival, beginning with Christians. We must trust the Lord to bring us through this trial, and if we repent and turn away from personal evil, we will be grounded in Him.

Ps. 20:7 – Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.

Prov. 12:3 – A man shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.

1 Pet. 4:17 – For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

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