Why Silencing and Humiliation Won’t Work

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When the deep state wants to completely control the populace, humiliation is a powerful tool. According to Psychology Today, humiliation is an abuse of power that involves control, sometimes aggressive control. The goal is to stop people from speaking their mind or trying to exercise a justice that is inconvenient for those who have the power. Repeated humiliation causes powerlessness and a learned helplessness. 

The deep state’s goals are expressed in the following plan for world domination, written by Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt (1773-1830): 

  • Abolish all national governments
  • Abolish private ownership and inheritance
  • Destroy patriotism, Christianity, and the family unit
  • Create a New World Order/One World Government

How are they doing, so far?

We are told where we can go, how we must dress (with a mask or two or three), what we can say, where we can say it, and who gets to hear us. We’re kept from assembling in church, told not to sing or shout, and prevented from comforting loved ones while they are under institutional care.

And if that’s not enough, our votes weren’t counted, those calling attention to election fraud are being silenced and sentenced, and millions of Americans are about to be scrutinized for “right-wing” opinions.

Rep. Jackie Speier wrote a letter to President Biden requesting that the social media accounts of all government officials, government contractors, and members of the US military be reviewed as part of the background investigation process for security clearances.

Above: Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Actually, social media accounts are already under scrutiny for security clearances. What may disqualify a candidate or worker going forward is their opinion about the validity of the election and their continued support for President Trump. Those whom the new leadership deems racists, bigots, nativists, authoritarians, religious “fanatics,” and Libertarians are part of the insurgency, according to former CIA Director Brennan.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has ordered a 60-day staggered pause of operations across all branches of the military to tackle extremism. The reason? There were active duty military and military veterans among those who protested on January 6. Some private corporations have already fired employees who were attending that day, whether or not they entered the Capitol.

Silencing all opposition is imperative. That’s why Twitter has already banned President Trump for life, and they’ve also made a clean sweep of many patriot accounts, such as Mike Lindell of My Pillow. Even Newsmax, an up-and-coming alternative news outlet, silenced Lindell when he tried to talk about Dominion Voting machines and a rigged election. 

Newsmax anchor Bob Sellers shouted Lindell down, repeating a Newsmax policy statement that the network stands by the results of the election. Sellers walked off camera during the segment with Lindell, surprising everyone. Two days later, he issued a non-apology, saying “I was frustrated that we couldn’t focus on the current, very pressing issue of free speech and cancel culture and, in hindsight, there is no question that I could have handled the end of the interview differently.” 

Oh, now we understand! Mr. Sellers muzzled Lindell so they could talk about free speech.

Arrests and Snitches

The FBI is pulling out all the stops to find and prosecute the villains who caused damage and personal injury on January 6. They are so thorough, in fact, that they are using evidence of just being in DC that day as a reason to interrogate Trump supporters.

  • Dana Kurtbeck was stopped several times and interrogated by TSA, DHS, and the FBI. CNN had turned in a video showing people inside the capitol and two unknown sources had identified Dana. She said she was there that day but didn’t go near the building.
  • Things went worse for others such as Cowboys for Trump leader Couy Griffin. He did enter the building and has been jailed on charges that he knowingly entered the Capitol grounds with the intent to disrupt government business. Prosecutors cite a history of threatening comments, racial invective, access to firearms and vows that Joe Biden would never be president.The judge refused to allow bail and Griffin is sitting behind bars awaiting a trial. 

Bank of America snitched on customers in DC January 6, turning the names of anyone who used their credit card that day to the FBI, as well as other “thresholds of interest.” They did this potentially illegal action without the knowledge or consent of their customers.

Why this Matters: Domestic extremism is a wide net now being used to catch and persecute innocent people. If you’re not sure how to define domestic extremism, that’s on purpose so that it can be weaponized by the political elites.

Rubbing it in our Faces

Now let’s add a heavy layer of mockery. Time Magazine published an article Friday in which the the author describes how a “well-funded cabal of powerful people… working together behind the scenes to influence perception, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information”ensured that their candidate won on November 3.

The article, called “The Secret Bipartisan Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election, boasts how left-wing activists and business titans worked to increase the amount of ballots by whatever means possible. The validity of the votes was not a factor, just a hurdle to overcome.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, Hero

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting back against cancel culture, showing us what it looks like when Big Tech is no longer above the law. On Tuesday, he proposed a law that would fine social media companies that de-platform political candidates, saying, ‘Big Tech’ is becoming more like ‘Big Brother’ with “each passing day,” and we cannot let Big Tech manipulate news content and design algorithms to give an upper hand to the candidates of their choice. 

Proposed regulations: 

  • Big Tech must reveal their content filters, which are used to cancel accounts and remove posts
  • Fines of $100,000 per day will be levied on companies that suspend candidates for election office in Florida—fines will also be levied if companies suppress content related to ballot issues 
  • Tech companies must disclose when they favor one candidate over another, and the value of that endorsement will be counted as a political contribution.
  • Floridians and the Florida attorney general may file lawsuits against tech companies that don’t comply

The Cabal’s Impeachment Set-Up

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young representative from New York, made headlines with her dramatic re-enactment on Instagram of what she experienced the day the Capitol was breached. She has accused Sen. Ted Cruz of trying to have her murdered, the Capitol Police officer who evacuated the building of being angry and hostile, and said rioters entered her office.

  • The map above shows where AOC was during the breach of the Capitol. According to several reports, she hadn’t been in her office for at least an hour before the her building was evacuated. 

Thursday night, the House of Representatives held a livestream open forum for lawmakers to describe the terror they felt on January 6. The opening slot was given to AOC. What followed has been described as a “group therapy session” of weeping, wailing, and blaming right-wing extremists. The truth is, there were left-wing plants among those who invaded the building.

Not to discount their trauma, it does appear that the evening’s dramatics were the set-up for next week’s impeachment trial.

Prosecutors have turned in an 80-page indictment of President Trump, saying he “summoned a mob to Washington, exhorted them into a frenzy, and aimed them like a loaded cannon down Pennsylvania Avenue.” They also argue that the Constitution allows for taking action against a private citizen.

President Trump has refused to appear as a witness in the trial which begins on Tuesday.

Why this Matters: While some of our politicians, like Florida’s governor, try to protect our freedoms, the cabal is working overtime to set the stage for tyranny. They win and we lose if we give up and give in. Hopefully, President Trump’s lawyers will lay out the timeline of the events, which proves that the President was still speaking when people entered the Capitol, and that some Capitol Police willingly let them in. God willing,Trump will be exonerated.

How to Pray: That we will not sit by as we lose this battle, which is first spiritual and then physical. Pray for the continued awakening of the people and the re-establishment of justice and righteousness in America. May it be on earth as it is in heaven.

Proverbs 5:21-23 – For the ways of a man are before the LORD, and he ponders [records] all his goings. His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be holden with the cords of his sins. He shall die without instruction and in the greatness of his folly he shall go astray.

Proverbs 16:13 – Righteous lips are the delight of kings; and they love him that speaketh right.


  1. Deanna pettit says:

    We must stand up for freedom. Pray every day for gods love and guidance in this awful takeover of our country .


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