We’ll Win IF We Don’t Back Down

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The enemies of liberty are at it again, salivating at renewed opportunities to return the world to a locked down, masked up, and fearful stance as the new “delta variant” of covid strikes. It comes down to a person’s vaccination status, and pressuring the unvaccinated to conform, no matter how dangerous it might be to one’s health, and no matter how effective the vaccines are or aren’t. How long before there’s no choice but one?

That’s why it’s not just another week in the “new normal.” It’s time for change. It’s time for people of all political stripes to WAKE UP and fight for our rights. We can alter our course if we do not give in to fear and tyranny. As Paul told the church at Corinth,Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. 1 Cor. 16:13.

Vaccine Coercion

In times past, a vaccine or medication was considered dangerous and pulled if there were more than 50 to a few hundred deaths. New information from the CDC shows a growing number of adverse events from the covid vaccines, including death! And we’re still talking about an experimental, untested solution to a disease that has a 99% recovery rate for most people.

The Defender reported that according to the CDC the numbers of vaccine-related problems between December 14 and June 25 reflect:

  • 411,931 total adverse events 
  • 6,985 deaths
  • 34,065 serious injury reports 

This week, the CDC “accidentally” misreported vaccine-related deaths as 12,313, then later changed the number to 6,000. There was no explanation–and no reason given for the number of deaths to be less than on June 25.

Danger Signs

Now we’re being told there’s a new “delta variant” of covid, Pfizer’s vaccine is only good for six months, and there are “breakthrough” cases of fully vaccinated people getting the virus.

  • Six of the Texas Democrats who fled the state, in order to hamstring a vote on a Republican-sponsored bill, now have covid.
  • In Chicago, 150 vaccinated people have died and 600 others were hospitalized.
  • Vaccinated White House and Capitol Hill staffers have also come down with covid.

Regardless of the danger signs, there is a mounting campaign from leading voices demanding that people get vaccinated and pushing for a vaccine passport.

  • The NFL announced that covid outbreaks among unvaccinated players could result in the forfeiture of games and loss of play
  • The Viking’s Offensive Line Coach Rick Dennison has been fired after refusing to get the vaccine.
  • NY Mayor De Blasio is asking employers to require the vaccine.
  • Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) says it is the unvaccinated who are responsible for the new spike in cases. 

Mask Up, Baby

CDC data shows that zero children have died from covid who did not have pre-existing conditions. That hasn’t stopped the American Academy of Pediatrics from recommending that all children over the age of two wear masks, and that all school children be required to mask-up when school resumes.

If the vaccinated are dying because they are catching the virus from the unvaccinated, where is the efficacy of the vaccine and how many doses does it take? If the vaccine works, why are we looking at renewed lockdowns and mask mandates?

The emergency use of these experimental vaccines depended upon there being no prophylactic treatments and supplements available–which explains why Big Tech censored reports on the efficacy of Ivermectin, Hydroxy-chloroquine, and other remedies such as vitamins C, D and zinc. Is it about control, power, and money, or something worse?

Like this?

People worldwide are being vaccine-coerced, and they’re fighting back. Americans may want to take note of the protests that have erupted in Australia, Ireland, Belgium, France, and Italy, and carry out our own, as appropria

  • Italy – vaccine passports must be carried at all times
  • France and Greece – passports required for indoor activities

Listen to the Experts

As we have documented many times, those people who have vital information related to the virus or vaccine have also been heavily censored. Here are two doctors and a whistleblower who need to be heard.

Dr. Robert Malone inventor of the mRNA vaccine, claims the CDC is under-reporting and editing the number of adverse vaccine effects. Malone wrote the patent disclosures for mRNA vaccines. Now he has raised questions about future autoimmune issues caused by the spike proteins within the Pfizer and Moderna injections. Malone believes there is still insufficient data for anyone to make an informed decision before getting the jab.

  • His pronouncements are dangerous to the narrative; Malone’s interviews have been pulled from YouTube. Wikipedia altered its entry for “RNA vaccine” several times to remove any mention of Malone, crediting his discovery to other researchers who are pro-vaccine.

Blood Clots in 62 Percent of those Vaccinated

Dr. Charles Hoffe has discovered lethal blood clots in his patients, following the injections. Hoffe says that although large blood clots are rare, small clots are forming in 62 percent of those vaccinated, which can cause organ damage. 

  1. The mRNA “vaccine” injects a spike protein package into the body which is absorbed by lining around the capillaries.
  2. The body recognizes the mRNA strands as instructions, and makes more spike proteins. These become part of the cell wall—they are not smooth, but rough with spikes.
  3. The immune system interprets them as damaged cells and blocks them.
  4. The result is that trillions of tiny blood clots are created on the lungs and heart, causing damage to cells that will not regenerate like the liver does. 

Dr. Hoffe is tracking the blot clot symptoms in his patients: shortness of breath, dizziness, fuzzy thinking, and fatigue. He says the damage could lead to pulmonary artery hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs) and death within three years due to increased vascular resistance. Explanation in this short video.

Hoffe was suspended from the hospital ER in British Columbia for causing ‘vaccine hesitancy,’ by speaking out about his vaccine-injured patients.

A female whistleblower has come forward who says the number of those dead from adverse reactions to the vaccine is at least 45,000. She is a computer programmer with access to medical claims submitted to the centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS). She says, “I have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination… was at least 45,000.”

  • The attorney for this whistleblower has filed papers in federal court.

God’s Justice is Coming

The Department of Justice has declined to investigate and/or prosecute blue state governors (PA, NY, NJ, MI) who directed that sick covid patients be brought back into nursing homes during the height of the pandemic. Their policies resulted in thousands of residential covid deaths. Those investigations were initiated by the department under President Trump.

Particularly egregious is the action of transgender Dr. Levine (Ralph/Rachel) who was recently confirmed as the Biden administration’s assistant health secretary. While Health Secretary for Pennsylvania, Dr. Levine pulled his/her mother out of nursing home rather than subject her to this policy of moving sick patients back into nursing homes. There were 10,022 nursing home residents in PA who died from the virus. 

Why this Matters: Our relief will come from God, and some of it is manifesting in the courts:

  • The 11th Circuit Court in Florida has reversed its original ruling on vaccine passports for cruises, and now states that the CDC cannot require them. 
  • The 9th Circuit Court in California just ruled Gov. Newsom violated the “right of parents to control their children’s education” by closing private schools due to the pandemic. He faces a recall election.

We are also seeing the response from Americans who’ve had as much as they can take of lockdowns, closures, and loss of freedom. A poll taken by RealClear Opinion Research found that total support for school choice has 74 percent total support, up 10 points from April 2020. School choice gives parents the right to use tax dollars on their choice of public or private school.

Let’s not stop! If we fight back and stand up for freedoms, these judges, politicians, and bureaucrats will hear our voices and back down. Let them know we’re not going to give in. Keep up the good fight of faith, resist the enemy, and he will flee!

How to Pray: Pray for the truth of the vaccines and the virus to be brought forth. Pray for relief from the tyranny, for the heart of a nation to turn back to God, that it will become obvious to all that God’s people are not afraid and trust in Him alone. 

2 Chron. 16:9- For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.

2 Cor. 13:11 – Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.


  1. Hello Lori. Thank you so much for your blog. I know you have very limited time but I just have a quick question. I think someone just knocked on my door from the vaccine police and I was thinking about needing to have a plan in place to fight this legally.
    I remember years ago learning of the ACLJ with Jay Sekulo and I know there’s another Christian civil rights organization but I can’t remember it. Do you think that’s the direction to go? Thank you very much, Paige McMillin


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