The Dirty Dossier and the Daughter’s Diary

Above: John Durham, Igor Danchenko, Ashley & Joe Biden

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Sometimes an “I told you so,” just isn’t enough 

Throughout the Trump administration, voices in the alternative media (such as Praying Citizen) kept track of the lies being told by Democrats, Deep State Republicans, and their propagandists. We knew that the Clinton machine began orchestrating a plan to take out Donald Trump while covering for Hillary in 2016. It started as the Russian collusion hoax, took us through an impeachment attempt via a phone call with Ukraine, and ended with the “insurrection” on January 6—orchestrated by the FBI, but blamed on patriotic “domestic terrorists.”

Along the way we were introduced to cover-ups to protect Joe Biden, a son whose laptop contained emails outlining kickbacks to “the big guy,” drug use, and sexual perversions, including with children. And now, we have hard evidence of another Biden offspring with incriminating information.

Mainstream propagandists turned a blind eye to most of it, but this week there were two important developments, and gave us the right to say, I told you so! While we congratulate ourselves on having truth confirmed, we’re still waiting to see justice complete its work.

Above: Igor Danchenko, Chris Steele, Charles Dolan, SC John Durham

Arrests in the Trump-Russia Hoax

On Friday, federal agents arrested Brookings Institute analyst Igor Danchenko. He was indicted on five counts of lying to the FBI during an investigation. Danchenko gave information to British spy Christopher Steele alleging Trump was compromised by ties to Russia ahead of the 2016 election–then lied to the FBI about it five times.

  • The dossier was the foundation for a take-down attempt known as “Crossfire Hurricane,” the FBI’s 2016 investigation into Donald Trump.
  • It culminated with the result of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe: no collusion.
  • This follows the indictments of Michael Sussman in September and FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith last year. Sussman gave information to the FBI to frame Trump, as though he were a friendly cybersecurity expert, but he actually worked for the Clintons. He has pled not guilty.
From the indictment, we learn that Danchenko lied to the FBI about his contacts with Charles Dolan, a Clinton insider. Dolan provided information to Danchenko, who gave it to Steele. It became a “dossier” that was used by the media to promote the collusion narrative. In fact, without it, there would have been nothing to even suggest Trump was compromised.
Because the accusations were repeated ad nauseam, they were believed and nipped at Trump’s heels throughout his administration. The main culprits are BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, and The New York Times, which are ignoring their roles in this dangerous farce, even now. Some of them won Pulitzer Prizes for what has been proved to be lies.
Why this Matters: These are the same outlets that ignored the Biden emailswhich were discovered on Hunter’s laptop, or went even further and called them “Russian disinformation.” The revelations were published by the New York Post just days before the election, but most other news outlets furiously buried the story. How interesting that YouTube permanently silenced pro-Trump channels at that time, preventing most people from hearing about the criminality and disgusting actions of the Biden family within days of the 2020 election.

How far will the indictments go? Top FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page texted each other about Crossfire Hurricane saying, “POTUS [Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.” Yet, as we’ve seen repeatedly, the Deep State protects its own. The CIA and FBI leaders responsible for promoting these lies to the media are now employed by the same media. For example, former CIA Director John Brennan is an analyst for MSNBC, and James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, became an analyst for CNN.

We’ll know how much hope to place in our justice system by how far up the ladder these indictments extend.

Daughter’s Diary Exposes a Corrupt and Troubled First Family

On Thursday, the FBI raided two addresses in New York linked to Project Veritas. It was said to be part of an investigation into the alleged theft of the diary of Ashley Biden, the President’s daughter. On Saturday, the FBI raided the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

According to O’Keefe, he had purchased a copy of the diary in October, 2020, but decided not to publish its contents because it couldn’t be verified as having belonged to Ashley Biden. PV tried to return it to Ashley Biden’s lawyer, but he refused to accept it. Finally, O’Keefe gave his copy of the diary to law enforcement.

  • The contents include Ashley’s allegations that as a child, she took showers with her father that were “probably not appropriate” and suffered from sexual abuse.
  • She also detailed a struggle with drug abuse and sexual addiction, plus a deep resentment towards her father due to his wealth, control, and emotional manipulation. 

The NY Times was notified about the raids just after they happened, despite the fact that such raids are kept secret under a grand jury. The FBI’s actions suggest that O’Keefe’s copy of the diary was authentic.

Why this Matters: Let’s summarize this strange scenario. Ashley Biden lost her diary and reported it stolen. The diary was written before Joe Biden became president, and discovered before the 2020 election. Someone who purchased a copy of the diary attempted to return it, but Ashley refused. A year later, the FBI conducts three raids on a journalistic organization that is known for uncovering corruption. 

As reported by legal analyst Jonathan Turley, where is the crime? This is more proof of a president using the government as a weapon against his enemies. Remember, it was the NSA that intercepted Tucker Carlson’s emails and shared them with members of the mainstream media. That’s not just illegal, it’s immoral.

Above: Virginia winners Jason Miyares (Attorney Gen.), Glenn Youngkin (Gov.), Winsome Sears (Lt. Gov.)

A $4 Trillion Bad Idea

The Democrat plan to spend $4 trillion dollars (as scored by the Wharton School of Business, University of PA) passed late Friday night with the help of 13 Republicans, and despite the lack of support from “the squad” progressives. The social/environmental plan includes $550B in new federal spending over five years, with $110B toward roads and bridges, $66B for railroads, $25B for airports, and $65B toward expanding broadband Internet; with:

  • $9.75 billion for an Affordable Housing Access program
  • $7.5 billion tax credit to facilities building electric vehicle charging stations; 90 percent of electric car batteries are made in China.
  • Universal preschool and expanded child tax credits

President Biden has repeatedly said this plan would cost zero dollars because of its tax on the wealthy, and adds nothing to the debt. The Penn-Wharton model estimated that the tax provisions only amount to $1.5 trillion, much lower than they previously reported.

Biden’s poll numbers cratered last week, with just 38 percent approval. Independent voters said he has done worse, not better, than they expected by a 7-1 margin (44 percent to 6 percent). His latest faux pas was calling the report of handing out $450,000 per person to illegals who had been separated at the border under the Trump administration “garbage,” then backtracking to say the Department of Justice will be determining the exact amount of the payouts.

Good news! Following impressive wins in Virginia on Tuesday and these new poll numbers, analysts project that Republicans hold a clear lead going into the 2022 midterm congressional elections. 

Lawsuit plaintiff Brandon Trosclair

Mandate Halted: Let’s Go Brandon! 

On Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in Louisiana halted the Biden Administration’s attempt to mandate vaccines on businesses with 100 or more workers, over “grave statutory and Constitutional issues.” This affects the attempt by OSHA to punish and fine employers of more than 100 people who do not force them to get vaccinated.

The lawsuit was filed by Brandon Trosclair, the owner/operator of 15 Ralph’s Market and Butcher Boy stores in Louisiana. He was joined by Attorneys General from Texas, Utah, Mississippi, South Carolina, and 15 other states. The Biden administration has until November 8 to defend their position.

How to Pray: May God remember His people who hate evil and wait for His judgment–not that we are perfect, but that we have set our hearts to honor the Lord. Pray that the judges will grant a “stay of execution” on this unconstitutional mandate, and that will cause other employers to rethink such a rule. Pray for the people to wake up as more revelations of truth are brought forth. Thank God for His mercy, His blessings, and His love.

1 John 1:7 – But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

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