Bio-Weapons Labs, Hot Potatoes & Zelensky’s Retreat

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This has already been a full week, and it’s only Wednesday. In the past 24 hours, President Biden announced a ban on Russian energy, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken got caught in a bout of political postering by the Polish government, and Ukraine President Zelensky backtracked on his push for NATO.

One might wonder if there is any plan and exit strategy, or if Biden is bent on punishing Americans for no good reason at all.

Let’s begin with an address to British Parliament by Ukraine’s Zelensky.Some have called it masterful and Churchill-esque, while others panned the speech because Zelensky is basically retreating from his original goal. He said Ukraine would not be seeking NATO membership.

In a later interview with ABC News, Zelensky added,

  • “I have cooled down regarding this question a long time ago after we understood that…NATO is not prepared to accept Ukraine. The alliance is afraid of controversial things, and confrontation with Russia.”

Political Hot Potato

In Monday’s report, we cited the strange exchange between Secretary Blinken and Poland’s government. On one hand, Blinken was inviting Poland to send their MiG-29 fighters jets into the battle, saying “they have a green light,” fully well knowing that Poland had been stating via social media they would do no such thing. Two days later, Poland called Blinken’s bluff, announcing they were ready to transfer 28 MiG-29 jets to the US, with the understanding that they would be handed over to Ukraine pilots.

Oops. The Pentagon quickly backtracked with spokesman John Kirby saying, “we do not believe Poland’s proposal is a tenable one,” and it is “simply not clear to us that there is a substantive rationale for it.”

Permits and Pretense

During Tuesday’s reckoning with the nation about cutting off Russian energy to the US and that it is our duty to pay higher gas prices, Biden bragged that his administration has granted more permits to gas and oil producers than the Trump administration.

  • “I can’t do much about [the price of gas] right now,” he told reporters, “Russia is responsible.” 
  • Biden also shamed oil companies for not making full use of existing drilling permits and warned them that there was “no excuse to exercise excessive price increases or padding profits or any kind of effort to exploit the situation.”
  • Peter Doocy from Fox News was quick to try and trap Press Secretary Jen Psaki by asking if Biden would do anything to cut the red tape on permits. She replied, “What permits do they need? I don’t think they need an embroidered invitation to drill.”

These statements were a slap in the face to anyone who works in the oil industry, and grasp at a tiny shred of truth while denying the overall facts.

Fact #1 – Biden Banned Permits

Candidate Joe Biden promised he would ban new oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters, which represent 25 percent of the supply. As president, he immediately followed through with his promise. A few months later, however, his executive order was blocked by a federal judge last June.

  • Another judge caught the administration artificially increasing cost estimates of oil and gas drilling that affect government sales for permits and blocked the permitting process last month.

Even Politifact had to admit that although there are more than 9,000 open permits, the process from permit to production is tedious and costly at best.Producers require financing, manpower, and equipment. We all know about supply chain and staffing problems, plus most producers have closed down trading, financing, and refining due to Biden’s regulations. 

And while there were fewer leases under Trump, the fear of the war on fossil fuels drove suppliers to run for more permits before Biden could ban them.

Fact #2 – Biden Aims to Eliminate Fossil Fuels

Under Biden, government agencies are working toward eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and have shackled the industry with increased taxes and regulations. It is an overall push to “go green.”

  • The needed permits are now being halted by US Departments of Interior and Energy, the EPA and the SEC.
  • The Federal Reserve isn’t granting loans
  • Energy producers are already subject to a social credit score system,called ESG— which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance ratings. The result of this “green” score is used by investors when deciding whether or not to invest in a certain company’s shares.

Fact #3 – Output was Highest Under Trump

Another Biden claim is that more oil is being produced under his administration than under Trump. False. Last year, the US produced an average of about 11 million barrels of crude oil per day. Under Trump, production rose from 9 million barrels per day in 2017 to 12.3 million barrels in 2019. 

Conspiracy Fact: Bio Weapons Labs in Ukraine

The internet has been filled with information about US-funded and directed bio-weapons labs in Ukraine and other foreign nations. Predictably, anyone who spread this “conspiracy theory” was given “four pinocchios” from the fact-checkers on social media. 

Now there seems to be a little more to the story.

The governments of China and Russia came out this week and accused Ukraine of currently maintaining dangerous biological weapons labs.

  • The Chinese Foreign Ministry this month claimed: “The US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone.” 
  • The Russian Foreign Ministry asserted that “Russia obtained documents proving that Ukrainian biological laboratories located near Russian borders worked on development of components of biological weapons.”

Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland was questioned about the labs in front of a Senate panel by Sen. Rubio (R-FL) on Tuesday. When asked if Ukraine has chemical or biological weapons, Nuland admitted that Ukraine has biological research facilities. She said,

  • “We are now in fact quite concerned that Russian troops, Russian forces, may be seeking to gain control of [those labs], so we are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach.” 

A video was posted by the US Embassy in Kyiv explaining that anyone who wanted to know more about the US-funded labs operating in Ukraine could go to a US military website. That link was up and running as recently as Monday but all of a sudden has gone offline. 

This type of research is officially illegal, but there is always a work-around. Scientific procedures defined as “defensive research” and aimed at fighting biological and chemical weapons can be easily converted into the weapons themselves. See the “biological threat reduction program” notification from the US embassy in Ukraine (above.)

  • For example, anthrax was created in Fort Detrick, MD, at the Army Medical Research and Development Command.
  • A simple search on this lab reveals: “Fort Detrick is a U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (MRDC) installation supporting a multi-governmental community that conducts biomedical research and development, medical material management, worldwide communications, and the study of foreign plant pathogens.” 

Why this Matters: The lack of cohesion the NATO allies and the political hot potato between the Pentagon and Poland suggests there is an absence of strategy to deal with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Perhaps the one positive outcome is the revelation that there are dangerous bio-weapons facilities which were bought and paid for by the American public. 

How to Pray: Pray for the end of Russia’s invasion, a cease-fire and resolution to the hostilities. Thank God for providing a way of escape, and for His mercy toward all those who mourn. Continue asking the Lord for peace and that the truth will be revealed.

2 Kings 20:19 – Then said Hezekiah unto Isaiah, Good is the word of the LORD which thou hast spoken. And he said, Is it not good, if peace and truth be in my days?


  1. shoorshoor says:

    Dear Lori,

    Thankyou for this message of truth and hope. I am fighting a virus and am very weak. During these trying times you have provided me much comfort. God Bless You.



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