Four Weekend Shootings, Regime’s Wretched Response

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A white man shot 10 people dead in Buffalo, and Tucker Carlson is being blamed. The killer, 18 years old, posted a manifesto copied nearly word-for-word from the writings of the New Zealand mosque attacker, and cited it as his inspiration. He walked into a neighborhood market in Buffalo and live-streamed while he shot up the store and 13 people in it. Two of the victims were white, the rest were black. Veteran police officer Aaron Salter, Jr., a security guard at the store, was also killed in the shooting as he tried to stop the gunman by firing at him multiple times.

Notably, the 180-page manifesto was deleted from the internet after the shooting. That made it easier to blame it on conservatives, particularly Tucker Carlson. In fact, the media and Biden regime don’t know if the killer ever watched the show. He didn’t name Carlson in his list of influencers. 

The shooter did, however, have Nazi symbolism on his social media, including the logo of the Azov Battalion in Ukraine. He is in police custody.

He is Highly-Skilled, Trained

Democrats are calling for more media censorship and tighter gun laws to stop the violence, but they remain silent on enforcing laws already on the books. The shooter was known to the FBI, and had been reported a year ago by his high school staff because he threatened to shoot up the school. Even his parents begged for intervention.

According to former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerick, who has seen footage of the shooting, the killer was highly skilled and obviously well trained. This is causing speculation that this was yet another CIA operation–akin to the Unabomber who trained at Harvard under MK Ultra CIA mind control experimentation years before he killed and maimed his victims. 

Why Tucker?

The Left is camping out on Tucker’s use of the word “replacement,”  referring to the efforts coming from the Left to replace the white majority in the US with black and brown illegals. Here is what Tucker said: 

  • “So I know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement.’ If you suggest the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters from the third world,” Mr Carlson said. “They become hysterical because that’s what’s happening, actually. Let’s just say it. That’s true.”

The unabated flood at the southern border has been linked to expanding the Democrat’s voter base. For instance, the 2020 census was expanded to include all residents of the US, not just legal residents. The census affects number of lawmakers representing districts and states. However, this tactic may backfire, as polls show that Hispanic voters are evenly split progressive and conservative–and seem to be trending conservative.

Three Other Mass Shootings

A second shooting took place on Sunday in a church in California with a Taiwanese congregation. Five people were injured and one was killed at Geneva Presbyterian Church. Congregants knocked the gunman down, then hog-tied him until police arrived. He has been identified as 68-year-old David Wenwei Chou of Las Vegas. 

Two other mass shootings took place in recent days. Ten people were taken into custody on Friday night after 17 were shot in Milwaukee near the Bucks-Celtics game. In Houston on Sunday, two men are dead and three others were wounded after a fight broke out between two groups of people at a busy flea market.

This doesn’t include a typical weekend in Chicago–where 33 people were shot in black-on-black shootingsThe numbers keep climbing, but there is a massive decrease in arrests. Chicago has a Democrat mayor and a police staffing shortage. This cannot logically be blamed on white supremacy.

It’s not just the Democrats who are doubling-down on Conservatives. GOP lawmakers like Liz Cheney (R-WY) seem to have forgotten that their colleague Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was nearly killed when a Bernie supporter fired upon a baseball practice. She and others have set themselves against the Trump-supporting faction of the GOP. This is her latest tweet in which she blames GOP leadership for white nationalism: 

  • “The House GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and anti-semitism. History has taught us that what begins with words ends in far worse. @GOP leaders must renounce and reject these views and those who hold them.”
Above: Buffalo shooter’s rifle loaded with names and racial slurs.

Unequal in Every Way

On Sunday, President Biden announced he would visit Buffalo to offer his condolences. He didn’t visit Waukesha, Wisconsin after the Christmas parade massacre that left 62 wounded and six people dead. The Daily Beast reports that the Buffalo killer had the name of two parade victims scrawled on the barrel of his rifle. The N-word, #BLM, the name of the synagogue shooter in Germany, and Dylan Roof (who executed several people in a South Carolina church during Bible study) were also inscribed on the gun.

Why this Matters: If the President really cared about innocent life being taken—which we know he does not because of his support of abortion—he would have visited Waukesha as well as Buffalo. For Joe Biden, it’s a game of pitting one race against another. And of course, it’s right on schedule after the introduction of Biden’s DHS Disinformation Governance Board.

It works both ways. We all know that Marxist educator and best-selling author Robin DiAngelo and her BLM cohorts will never be blamed for the Waukesha massacre and the perpetrator’s black supremacy. 

How ironic that New York City Mayor Eric Adams calls pro-lifers radical extremists. Adams indicated at the “Bans Off Our Bodies” rally that he favors abortion without limits up to the day of birth. 

True Christ-followers believe all people are made in God’s image and share a common ancestor. The ground is level under the cross; there is no Jew or Greek, male or female, but Christ is all in all. 

How to Pray: There are great blessings to be gained by “taking your peace” despite the insanity that persists. Let’s pray that we can focus on the Lord and the promises he has made to right all wrongs. Pray for the recovery of the shooting victims and comfort for their families. Preserve your own sanity by meditating on God’s goodness and mercy. May His blessings overtake us as we walk in forgiveness and righteousness.

Is. 30:15 – For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.

Deut. 28:2 – And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God.

Deut. 42:33 – Rejoice, O ye nations, with his people: for he will avenge the blood of his servants, and will render vengeance to his adversaries, and will be merciful unto his land, and to his people.


  1. Lori – these shootings are False Flags . Watch Durham

    Pamela P Smith , M.Ed CI, IC/TC NC Licensed ASL Interpreter 2005198



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