Biden: Trans Drugs for 3rd Graders

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Leave it to the Biden White House to bring a wrecking ball to science, safety, and sanity.

Last week, a new executive order was ushered in, designed to bring transgender surgeries to young teens and drugs to 8-year-olds. Read that again. President Biden wants children as young as eight, or third graders, to be given life-altering puberty blockers. His executive order directs states and government agencies to promote transgenderism among children. It also:

  • Promotes expanded access to “gender-affirming care”—aka cross-sex hormones and irreversible surgeries
  • Prohibits “conversion therapy.” This is any counseling that would dissuade children from adopting an LGBTQ identity
  • Works to institute “full inclusion” for LGBTQ students in schools (which means directing that trans kids’ have access to the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice)
  • Provides services for trans children in the juvenile justice system, removes discrimination for LGBTQ parents in the foster care system, and expands federal data collection on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The government will now move quickly to “help” children transition to a new gender, while prohibiting therapies designed to help gender-distressed patients feel more comfortable with their sex. 

Above: New York Post recent article on teens, adults who regret transitioning. 


Despite the lack of long-term studies on this radical treatment for children—does that remind you of a recent vaccine?—Biden promises to take “steps to address the barriers and exclusionary policies” throughout the states. He is likely referring to the moves by Republican governors to restrict such practices.

Biden’s recommendations come from a “leading transgender health group,” which has lowered its minimum age for hormones and surgeries by a year. 

  • Blockers can begin at 8-13 for biological girls, and 
  • 10-15 for boys
  • In addition, some surgeries may be conducted at ages 15 or 17, about a year younger than previously recommended.

Heroes and Zeroes

Biden’s executive order applauds states such as New York, where New York City Public Schools spent $200,000 to put drag queens in classrooms for a reading program for children as young as three. However it stands against the governors in states like Alabama and Texas, where new laws that bar minors from undergoing gender transition procedures. 

  • Gov. Kay Ivey (R-AL) signed a bill in April that banned such treatmentsfor any resident under age 19. It was partially blocked by US District Judge Liles Burke, who was appointed by President Trump. Liles allowed the ban on surgeries to remain in place, but granted a temporary injunction on the ban on hormone prescriptions.
  • Courts also blocked a similar law in Arkansas and have prevented Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas from investigating parents of transgender youth on charges of child abuse. Gov. Ron DeSantis (FL) threatened to do the same.

Dana Nessel, the lesbian Attorney General of Michigan, said Wednesday that “drag queens make everything better,” “drag queens are fun,” and laughed while proclaiming there should be “a drag queen for every school” during an event in Lansing.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on RuPaul’s reality show “Drag Race,” and claimed that drag queens are “what America is all about.” Pelosi thanked the contestants for the “joy and beauty” they bring to the world and said that freedom of expression in drag is what America is all about. She added, “I say that all the time to my friends in drag.”

Sadly, there is a glut of such perverse demonstrations, labeled as “family friendly” in bars and restaurants all across the nation. Drag queens say that their shows teach children “there are no boundaries,” and supporters argue that children need to be exposed to alternate lifestyles at an early age in order to avoid bigotry and discrimination.

Proponents insist that not all drag queen performances are sexual. They point to movies such as Mrs. Doubtfire, where Robin Williams dressed like an elderly woman in an attempt to win back his children and wife. Journalist Chris Rufo suggests we call them what they are: male transvestites doing striptease, or, “trans strippers.” 

Problems Abound

Even Democrats know this agenda hurts their upcoming election chances.When the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in 2015, Democrat strategists worried it happened too fast. They may have lost the cutting edge by furiously slashing traditional values to the point there’s not much left. With each new victory, however, their base seems to shrink—as evidenced by massive wins in primaries across the county (see above)

This nightmare is creating massive numbers of new Republican voters who are appalled at Democrats’ agenda. That may account for Biden’s open border policy. Historically, refugees and illegal aliens tend to become Democrats.

Why this Matters: Many of us wonder why this is happening so fast and why everything seems to be falling apart. We know that Satan is the father of Pride Month, and he is the evil genius behind this attack on childhood. Still, questions remain, so this editor went to Twitter to find some answers. Here are a few thoughts that have merit as we try to understand:

  • They’re goading us into overreacting so that we’ll look like the ones that are hard-hearted fear mongers.
  • They can’t reproduce, so they need to recruit.
  • At some point society flipped from seeking validation from the old and wise to begging for approval from the young and dumb.
  • Keep people at odds with one another, to create division 
  • A release valve to keep us focused away from the main economic issues
  • They need to increase activity and artificially create a new normal. Then they can move on to the next step of grooming.
  • Because if we won’t revolt against an evil upon our children, they know we will literally accept anything they have in store for us.
  • The most relevant reason is that they can’t stop it. Progressivism states that all behavior is equally worthy and healthy.
  • We are at war. Not a kinetic war–a psychological war. In WW2, “Flak” (mid-air grenades) were fired into a general area, hoping to score a hit by filling the sky with shrapnel. This drag queen strategy is like that….only the shrapnel is psychological.
  • There’s billions in MONEY to be made doing surgeries and putting people on hormones and chemically castrate them [making them dependent on drugs] for the rest of their lives.

Playing the Long Game

They now have the full month of June to celebrate wickedness, with major corporations climbing all over the media to prove who’s the top supporter. Burger King is offering burgers with two tops or two bottoms, part of their “Time to be Proud” campaign. 

Progressives also bank on the fact that children are easily influenced and so are their parents. No one wants to be labeled racist, homophobic or intolerant. With the programming online, in social media, and at school, we’re looking at whole generations groomed toward this behavior. The devil plays a long game. His foot soldiers know that to win, just keep pushing relentlessly and wait for your opponent to get tired. Never let up the shaming and the attacks. 

Many do not have the stamina or the will to overcome, so it falls to us to earnestly contend for the faith. We must fight for the children in the womb and beyond. No amount of wrangling can make the Bible condone what it prohibits.

How to Pray: For wisdom and discernment as we navigate these evil times. Pray for the church to stand strong in for the faith, which is being eroded and diluted from within. Ask God for the proper perspective on His will for our nation.

Jude 1:3-4 – Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. Absolute diabolical Satanic evil at work here in this new action by the most evil White House administration other than the former Obama two term wrecking ball that was accompanied by this same destructive man! Why aren’t any Congressional members on the GOP side of the aisle rigorously bringing charges and investigations to this atrocity or at least putting up road blocks to restrict this madhouse administration from doing all of this evil? When the GOP had both the House and Senate that didn’t slow the Democrats from bringing false impeachment proceedings and multiple witch hunts from start to finish of the former Trump White House administration! Is there actually this much collusion with both parties just running a ramshackle criminal enterprise Congress now that has no interest in law and order and defending the American citizens while preserving the Constitution; but are rather only out to serve themselves?


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