Biden’s Blunder: Invites Russia to Invade Ukraine

It was difficult to do, but President Biden managed to create another “worst weekof his presidency.” As his Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Americans on Friday, “This week has been frustrating, devastating, angering—all of those things.” Then she added that supporters should go to a kickboxing class or have a Margarita. At the top of Biden’s […]

Biden’s Disastrous Press Conference:Dems in a pickle for 2022

It’s hard to know where to begin explaining President Biden’s disastrous press conference on Wednesday. He stumbled through a speech, lost his place and wandered verbally, trying to answer questions, and walked US foreign policy right into very dangerous territory. Along the way, Biden: Told us the shelves aren’t bare and deliveries are on-time Said he “outperformed” in his […]

Joe Biden’s Very Bad Week

Joe Biden has had the worst week of his presidency. The economy is in terrible shape—as we all know, and now the numbers testify—he lost on mandating vaccines through OSHA, and his push to federalize control over the elections met its end. Although the good news is exceedingly good, there’s bad news, too. So let’s […]

Battalion of COVID Lies Falling Apart

You have made lies your refuge, and under falsehoods have you hid yourselves. Judgment is coming, when the waters shall overflow your hiding place. (Is. 28:15, 17) View this video on Rumble, Bitchute, or Brighteon Congratulations, conspiracy theorists, you’re proven right yet again. The passel of lies that have been packaged in the pandemic narrative are being exposed, much […]

Skyrocketing Deaths, New Variants– Fear or Faith for 2022?

View this video on Rumble, Bitchute, or Brighteon What’s ahead in 2022? New reports reveal skyrocketing death rates for a world that is already scared to death. But as people of God, we should first consider the state of our faith. Many of us have allowed fear to capture our minds and our souls, and at times, we’ve followed cunningly […]

Biden’s “Build Back Better” BUSTED

View this video on Rumble, Bitchute, or Brighteon West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin used his power as the deciding vote in the Senate to kick Biden’s Build Back Better spending bill to the curb. This $3.9-$4.9 trillion (Democrats score it at $2 trillion) spending package is a Socialist’s wish list that funds education, child care, health care, immigration, and the […]

Vax Mandates BLOCKED, Plus: Death in Tunnel of Terror

View this video on Rumble, Bitchute, or Brighteon There were two resounding victories against vaccine mandates this weekthat provide freedom for federal contractors and the people of New York City. In the first ruling by U.S. District Judge R. Stan Baker in Georgia, Biden’s vaccine requirement for workers nationwide who are employed by federal contractors was temporarily blocked. The judge wrote: “The […]

New Twitter Rules Shred Free Speech

View this video on YouTube, Rumble, Bitchute, or Brighteon Twitter announced on Monday that CEO Jack Dorsey was stepping down and Parag Agrawal, an Indian national, is taking his place. This may not seem like a big deal—after all, not everyone tweets—but Agrawal represents the new normal for “freedumb” of speech. We suspect that their new policy will dumb […]

Soros’ Agenda Behind Killer’s Release

George Soros is behind so much evil in this world. The people and projects he funds ultimately lead to death and the dissolution of civil society. His latest prize is the massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin where Darrell E. Brooks drove his Ford Escape through a Christmas Parade, killing at least five people and injuring 48 others, […]

Say Goodbye to your Bank Account

View this video on Rumble, Bitchute, or Brighteon Never has there been so perfect an example of one person exemplifying an entire administration like the nominee for the Comptroller of the Currency, Saule Omarova. She is a Kazakh-born, soviet-educated professor who specializes in finance and banking. But Omarova is not just another far left progressive, this woman wants government takeover […]

Big Win! OSHA Suspends Vaccine Mandates

Freedom and personal autonomy just won a victory on the vaccination front. OSHA has suspended implementation and enforcement of the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for private employers with more than 100 workers. This comes after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals kept in place a stay on the “emergency” regulation forcing the jab. The Court cited […]

5 Takeaways from the Rittenhouse Trial

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who shot and killed two men during last year’s “summer of riots,” is being tried for murder in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The media and progressive left are waiting with baited breath for a guilty verdict, because so many of them think that Kyle killed black people. And according to the narrative, convicting Kyle, then […]

Team Biden Reset: New Classes of Heroes and Criminals

A US Navy ship has been named after a pedophile, Biden’s treasury nominee wants to bankrupt natural energy companies, VP Harris and Transportation Secretary Buttigieg say trees and bridges are racist, and Pfizer’s CEO thinks some anti-vaccine folks are criminals. There’s quite a bit of new information and re-classification as the Biden Administration continues to reveal who and what they are. Let’s look […]

The Dirty Dossier and the Daughter’s Diary

Above: John Durham, Igor Danchenko, Ashley & Joe Biden View this video on Rumble, Bitchute, or Brighteon Sometimes an “I told you so,” just isn’t enough  Throughout the Trump administration, voices in the alternative media (such as Praying Citizen) kept track of the lies being told by Democrats, Deep State Republicans, and their propagandists. We knew that the Clinton machine began […]

At the Cliff’s Edge: VA Gov. Race

What do you call the last straw that breaks the camel’s back? Or the final card that causes the house to collapse? Or the last nerve that causes mothers to have a breakdown? For the US this week, it is the governor’s race in Virginia where the parents standing against the hijacking of education by the […]