Silenced, Punished, Terminated

Watch on YouTube or Rumble Speaker Pelosiled the House on Wednesday through a vote to impeach President Trump. The measure passed 232 to 197, ten Republican members voting with the Democrats. The accusers say President Trump incited violence and that’s why he must be removed from office. They blame a speech that was being delivered AFTER the Capitol building […]

Transition, Not Concession

Watch on YouTube or Rumble Thursday evening, President Trump released a video condemning violenceand promising a peaceful transition. He did not concede, nor did he mention the names of Biden and Harris. It was an interesting end to a rocky day. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, members of the “squad,” and several Republicans either called for Donald Trump to immediately […]

Massive Amounts of Evidence to be Revealed January 6th

Watch on YouTube or Rumble The year 2020 was one for the record books, including the tectonic shift we are all experiencing after the election. What many thought was just a swamp in DC has now been revealed as a massive underground cesspool that extends into our local governments, stretches up to capture big tech and social media, […]

OUTRAGEOUS Relief Bill Stopped by POTUS

YouTube Video — Rumble Video The people in Congress who are supposed to represent us have just passed a bill that gives away money we don’t have to people that don’t live here and organizations that we could live without. And that’s just one group of thieves being exposed this month. We’ve already looked at […]

Election for Sale!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan YouTube Video (available now) Rumble Video (may not be available until later) Please be sure to subscribe to the video channel and to this newsletter by clicking the button above!! All you have to control is six counties. They control the outcome in six states. They control the outcome of the […]

Texas Sues Other States: Election Miracle Could be Coming!

YouTube Video Rumble Video Please be sure to subscribe to the video channel and to this newsletter by clicking the button above!! Remember Lazarus? He was in the tomb for four days before Jesus arrived. Well, it’s day four and the rotting body of our election is in the grave, beginning to stink. But perhaps God […]

How they Did it (Americans Believe the Fix was In)

View Video Please be sure to subscribe!! Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza once remarked, “Indeed, you won the elections, but I won the count.” And so it goes for the world’s most powerful nation. It’s increasingly clear that we did not have a fair election, and according to a new Rasmussen poll, nearly half (47 percent) […]

Big Tech, Big Media All-In for Biden–All Out to Steal our Liberty

View Video Please be sure to subscribe to the video channel and to this newsletter by clicking the button above!! Trump attorneys delivered a blow to the Biden presumptive win on Thursday by outlining the breathtaking fraud perpetrated by Democrats on the electorate. If you haven’t listened to Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, the press conference video is […]

Election Theft and Trump Battle Plan

What a time to be alive!As the election debacle enters its third week, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that 2020 is a dividing line. Will we have faith, or fear and cowardice? Despite the constant barrage of misinformation, pro-life Christians must remain resolute and continue to trust God to bring all things to light. Every day, more […]

Recounts, Audits, or the Nuclear Option

We are 10 days past the election, and nothing being reported about the Biden win makes sense. He and Harris didn’t do much campaigning. “Basement Biden” became a catch-phrase as day after day, the Biden campaign announced a lid–meaning the candidate wouldn’t be talking to reporters.  Meanwhile, Donald Trump campaigned tirelessly and his base showed […]

Biden’s “Victory” Crumbling?

It’s only Tuesday, and already it looks as if the Left is shoring up their defenses because the Trump army is about to land. Countless testimonies, affidavits, videos, and scientific evidence of impossible numbers for Biden have flooded social media of election fraud. In Michigan, there are 131 affidavits and 2,800 incident reports of voter fraud […]

Media Lies: Trump has Officially Lost Nothing

On Saturday, the media proclaimed Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election, and yet, nothing official has been declared. Donald Trump has not lost the presidency. Despite what the Democrats, some Republicans, and every media outlet has stated, there is no winner yet. The President’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani (above), led a press conference on Saturday in Philadelphia and announced that […]

Election Theft in Progress?

It is a strange day in America, following a confusing election night. President Trump, who was solidly leading in many key, Democrat-controlled states began losing his strong leads. It took hours for the media to finally call Florida and Ohio for Trump. Yet, Arizona was called very early for Biden–even though most of the vote […]

If America FALLS, the World Falls: Welcome to the Great Reset

Tuesday’s election couldn’t be more consequential. It is literally the choice between keeping America as we know it, or allowing the globalist elite to take over. We have before us good vs. evil, freedom vs. control, and the life of our nation vs. its complete demise. This is also a battle between discernment and ignorance. […]

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed! Another Pro-Life, Pro-God Voice

The Left has lost their battle to keep Amy Coney Barrett from her assignment as America’s newest Supreme Court Justice. The Senate soundly approved her nomination 54 to 48, and she was sworn in Monday night. Barrett is an anomaly: a mother of seven school-aged children—including two adopted from Haiti and one child with special needs–as […]