House IT Guys Stole Computers, Took $100K from Iraqi Politician

Remember Imran Awan? He and his two brothers were caught two weeks ago stealing computer hardware from the House of Representatives and had hacked high level intelligence information, some related to military operations and the war on terror. The Pakistani brothers were working for several Democrats in the House and each was paid a salary […]

Finally, a Clean GOP Debate!

It’s just a few days before 433 delegates are awarded in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, the Virgin Islands, D.C., Guam, Wyoming, and North Carolina. This was a clean debate–the candidates disagreed, but they did not attack each other. Rubio, playing to a home crowd at the University of Miami, had an excellent night. Cruz and […]

Candidates Vie for the Hearts of Conservatives

The debate hosted by Fox Business News and the Wall Street Journal was a showcase for economic issues, including immigration, banking, taxation, the Federal Reserve, growth and government spending. The questions were good and the candidates had an excellent forum to explain their platforms–at least on a cursory level. It was a true debate, with lots of […]

It was a Great Night for a Republican Debate!

Despite the biased and downright rude questions from the moderators, this was a great debate. The topic of “Your money, your vote,” was roundly discussed in the areas of social security and Medicare, the budget, the national debt, corporate welfare, tax policy and government bureaucracy. 

CNN Sponsors Second Republican Presidential Debate

The Reagan Library was the host site for two presidential debates  Wednesday evening. The bottom four candidates brought their case to the American people via CNN at 7 p.m., while the top eleven candidates debated at 9 p.m. As one commentator said, “This is the Superbowl of Republican politics.” Part One: George Pataki, Bobby Jindal, Rick […]

Who Won the Republican Debate?

Some say Donald “trumped” it! Read summary and watch highlights from the Republican debate.

Republican Presidential Debate TONIGHT

Hear From the Candidates!