Week 2: Foreign Leaders and Executive Orders

President Trump had a busy weekend. On Saturday, he spoke to Vladimir Putin by phone. They agreed to coordinate efforts to crush ISIS and other terror groups in Syria. The White House statement said it was a positive call and a significant start to improving the relationship between the U.S. and Russia. A statement released […]

The Battle for Immigration and Security

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump couldn’t disagree more on immigration and securing the nation. Clinton considers U. S. borders to already be completely secure, thinks immigration should be expanded, and opposes nearly all deportations. Trump wants to build a wall, make the country secure, and raise the standards for who gets in. In a campaign […]

“I will Fight for You… I will Win for You”

Thirteen months after entering the presidential race, Donald Trump accepted the nomination at the Republican convention Thursday night. Ivanka introduced her father and spoke about his ability, his work ethic, and his ability to inspire people to become better. She made the case for Trump’s fair treatment of women, saying he has hired more women […]

It’s Official! Trump Secures Nomination

Tuesday afternoon in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump received the votes he needed to become the official Republican candidate for president in the 2016 race. Trump will deliver his acceptance speech on Thursday evening. Monday night, the convention was introduced to Melania Trump, his wife of 11 years. Melanie spoke of his […]

How would Trump pay for the Wall?

In the wake of world-wide terrorism, the erosion of U.S. jobs, and the need to protect our borders, building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is very important to most conservatives. This was the first issue that put Donald Trump in the lead. Not only has he promised to build a wall that will […]

The Relentless Assault on Free Speech

In the current environment, any strong opinion that opposes someone else’s strong opinion is not just a disagreement, now it’s on the verge of becoming a crime. If the emotion behind a criminal act is hatred toward a particular race, gender, sexual orientation, it is hate crime–worse, somehow because their identity is attacked. If a wedding service […]

Will Fates Change after Tomorrow’s Debate?

The field of Republican presidential candidates has remained at 14 for some time, with a lot of excitement for the top four, and then a big gap between them and the ten at the bottom.           Will the lineup change after tomorrow’s debate? Most polls show Donald Trump leading the pack with […]

Was Donald Trump out of Line?

Donald Trump was quoted as saying he’d shut down immigration and not allow any Muslims into the U.S. until lawmakers “know what we’re doing.” Media outlets, the President’s spokesman, and even fellow Republican presidential candidates heatedly denounced Trump as a bigot, crazy, and a misguided missile. Ted Cruz simply said, “That’s not my policy.” What […]

It was a Great Night for a Republican Debate!

Despite the biased and downright rude questions from the moderators, this was a great debate. The topic of “Your money, your vote,” was roundly discussed in the areas of social security and Medicare, the budget, the national debt, corporate welfare, tax policy and government bureaucracy. 

Has Donald Trump Found a Loophole?

Trump not only wants to end birthright citizenship, he wants to send back so-called “anchor babies,” who along with their parents, have taken up residence in the U.S. How can he do that? Has Trump, self-proclaimed expert at contracts, found a loophole? Perhaps he has found two.