True or False? Modern Day Prophets

View on Rumble, Brighteon, or Bitchute. View on Rumble, Brighteon, or Bitchute. If you ever watch videos on social media platforms such as YouTube, you’ve probably run into today’s prophets. There are some you may enjoy listening to and come away encouraged and hopeful. When they prophesy future events, you will also find that some are more accurate than others. They all promise that […]

The Greatest Danger of All

View on YouTube. There are a lot of very troubling issues facing the body of Christ in these last days. The erosion of traditional Christian values that define moral behavior is at a crisis level. Wars and threats of war, famine, and pestilence face many nations. Millions are being put to death for their faith […]

A Call for the Watchmen to Pray

As the world grows more dangerous by the day, the Lord has called us to recognize the signs of the times. He has also told us to be watchmen; we’re charged with warning our neighbors when the enemy is at the gates. As editor of Praying Citizen, I felt led to ask you to join […]