CIA Memo Shows Hillary Led Attempted Coup, Obama Approved

Hillary Clinton—with the aid of Obama—has finally been officially identifiedas the one leading the coup attempt against Donald Trump. Here are the details:  A foreign policy adviser to Hillary came up with a plan to accuse Donald Trump of conspiring with Russia in order to distract from her own email scandal, in which she used a private […]

Google: Revealing the Beast System

Google CEO Eric Schmidt at an campaign event wearing Hillary Clinton name tag with designation of “ELECTION STAFF” Watch on YouTube Last week I received a warning notice from YouTube saying I had violated their policy on hate speech in my video on the El Paso shooting. Regular readers and viewers know that I have […]

Did Hillary Sell US Secrets to China?

Watch this on YouTube Sen. Grassley (R-IA) released 105 pages of documents on Thursday, showing the results of a Senate investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured email server. All but four of her 30,490 emails were automatically forwarded to, raising concerns that a foreign actor gained access to Clinton’s emails. The Inspector […]

Dems, Media Finally Admit: No Collusion

The reporting began with a segment on mainstream media outlet MSNBC, and the news is beginning to grab hold and be spread. Finally, after more than two years of investigation, with 200 witnesses and 300,000 pages of documents, the Democrat and media are accepting the findings of the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation: there was no […]

Five Reasons 2019 will be Glorious

Photo: South and North Korean officials held a groundbreaking ceremony for the connection and modernization of an inter-Korean railway December 27. View this report on YouTube. As we begin 2019, the battle between good an evil is heating up, and the hordes that represent Hell are attempting to corrupt every cell of humanity. There are […]

Clinton Cleared, Emails to Satanists, Illegals to Vote

This is a summary of the blockbuster news from Friday through Sunday the week before the election. Comey Says Clinton Cleared FBI Director James Comey announced on Sunday afternoon that he would be dropping the renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of an illegal server. He said that his original determination that she was excessively careless […]

FBI Releases Notes from Clinton Interview

Another document “dump” by the FBI of their notes from an interview with Clinton related to her email scandal. These notes from their July 2 interview with Clinton were released on Friday, right before the Labor Day weekend. Here are some things that were uncovered: The “C” next to paragraphs in certain State Department documents […]

Clinton Vilifies the “Alt-Right”– Is she Talking about You?

Last Thursday, Hillary Clinton spoke to an audience in Reno, and made headlines by attacking Donald Trump and his followers. She referred to them as the “Alt-right.” This is what the mainstream media has labeled “populist, nationalist, racist and conspiracist groupings who see themselves as the alternative to mainstream political conservatism.” Hillary’s first accusation was […]

Hillary, George Soros, and Globalism

The latest email scandal involves Hillary Clinton and George Soros, a progressive, liberal-left billionaire—the 16th wealthiest person in the U.S. He is perhaps Hillary Clinton’s biggest fan, having donated $30 million through his charity to support her election. In the past few weeks, an activist hacker group called DCLeaks has released 2,576 emails from Soros’s […]

Four Top Reasons Hillary is Unfit to be President

    The Company She Keeps What Happens to Her Enemies Broken Promises, Broken Laws Her Deteriorating Health Hillary Clinton is the chosen candidate of the Democrat National Committee, but that doesn’t mean she is fit to be elected president. First, consider the company she keeps: her friends and supporters at the DNC. This organization is […]