It’s Official: Biased FBI Spied on Trump

Watch this on YouTube Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General at the Department of Justice issued his report on the FBI’s efforts to spy on the Trump campaign during and after the 2016 election. The operation was called Crossfire Hurricane. The investigators found that the application to surveil contained 17 instances of inaccuracies and incomplete/unsupported “facts.” […]

Five Big Wins for Conservatives

Watch on YouTube “BIG United States Supreme Court WIN for the Border on Asylum!”—-President Donald Trump The Supreme Court backed the Trump administration on a new “Third Country” rule that prohibits asylum seekers from Central America, Africa, etc. from applying for protected status in the US. It stipulates that anyone fleeing from their own country […]

Confused, SC Mueller Testifies

Watch on YouTube Special Counsel Robert Mueller was brought before House and Senate Committees on Wednesday to be quizzed about the investigation into Trump-Russia collusion. His report, which was released several months ago, concluded there was no collusion by President Trump with the Russians. As to whether Trump tried to obstruct justice, Mueller’s report stated […]

Collapse of the Collusion Hoax is Imminent

View on YouTube. Robert Mueller and Attorney General William Barr both addressed the nation this week regarding the Special Counsel’s investigation into whether Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia. Mueller gave a press conference to defend his 438-page report and tell Congress he has said all he is going to say–even though House […]

Trump Declassifies–the Battle Begins

Attorney Gen. Bill Barr, Former CIA Dir. John Brennan, Former DNI Jim Clapper View on YouTube. On Thursday night, President Trump announced he was declassifying millions of pages of documents related to the Russia-collusion spy operation, and it is now up to Attorney General William Barr to decide how much to make public. Former CIA […]

Pelosi Drops Verbal Bomb

After House Speaker Pelosi accused President Trump of engaging in a coverup, he gave an impromptu press conference proving he has not. View on YouTube. Speaker Nancy Pelosi dropped a verbal bomb on President Trump Wednesday morning, putting an abrupt halt to any progress that can be made on critical issues facing the country. After […]

Alabama Makes Abortion Illegal

View on YouTube. Wednesday afternoon, Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama signed into law HB314, the bill that makes it illegal to perform an abortion. Rep. Terri Collins (R-Decatur) sponsored the bill in the hopes that it would eventually force the US Supreme Court to re-examine Roe v. Wade on the basis of personhood. As was […]

“Lost” Memos Reveal Obama Knew

File photo: Former President Obama, former VP Joe Biden, and former Secretary of State John Kerry View on YouTube. Notes from a key meeting between the Obama State Department and the FBI’s paid informant/researcher surfaced after having been “lost” by the department. The information they contain point directly at President Barack Obama for presiding over […]

Seditious Conspiracy in Five Easy Steps

View on YouTube. “Seditious conspiracy is a move by two or more people to overthrow the government of the United States.” 18 U.S. Code § 2384 What if the Russian hoax was a set-up to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president–and once elected, used to remove him from office? Last week, George Papadopoulos, a former aide […]

Attorney General Testifies, Dems Call for Resignation

View on YouTube Congressional Democrats continue to fight the results of the Mueller investigation: that President Trump did not collude with Russia, nor did he obstruct the investigation. On the eve of the scheduled testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, The Washington Post published a letter leaked by Mueller’s team complaining about Attorney General William […]

Obama’s FBI: Infiltrate, Threaten, Collude

View on YouTube. Two new astonishing reports came out Thursday revealing that President Obama’s FBI was engaged in plots to: 1.) infiltrate the Trump White House; and 2). ask Ukrainian officials to help resurrect a failed investigation in order to frame a Trump associate. And there’s also a third bombshell report from January 2018, that […]

Two Bombshell Reports: Top Obama Officials will be Charged

View on YouTube. In a bombshell interview on Fox News Wednesday night, prosecutor Joe DiGenova predicted that former CIA Director John Brennan was in so much trouble, he would need not one lawyer, but five. Brennan was at the top of the slow coup attempt to oust President Trump, using a phony dossier and lies […]

It’s OFFICIAL (again): No Collusion. No Obstruction.

Attorney General William Barr, joined by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on his left, who appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller and had oversight of the investigation. View on YouTube It’s officially official. Despite two years of relentless accusations that Donald Trump and others colluded with the Russians to sway the 2016 election, there is no […]

Anti-Trump Insanity Reaches Fevered Pitch

Reps. Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Elijah Cummings sent letter to Capital One, demanding their records related to President Trump View on YouTube. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Trump opposition party is stepping up their game. Democrats are refusing to accept the results of the Attorney General’s summary of the Mueller […]

Five Reasons Trump Deserves Christians’ Support

Trump Rally March 29, Grand Rapids, MI It’s being called the most successful presidency in modern history—both for the hefty list of accomplishments, and for the exuberant love that millions of Americans feel for Donald Trump. The rallies he holds in cities from El Paso to Grand Rapids to Chattanooga, are filled to the max […]