Trump Addresses the Nation with Unifying, Uplifting Vision for America

President Donald J. Trump entered the Capitol building on Tuesday night to five minutes of thundering applause from lawmakers and others gathered to hear his address to Congress. His speech was considered a home run in even the most antagonist corners. Media pundits agreed it was his finest speech yet, and some suggested it was one […]

It’s War: Protesters Attack Republicans

Senators and Congressmen home for the recess are being verbally assaulted at town hall meetings, so much that some have cancelled these events. Protestors say they are demanding answers on the replacement for ObamaCare, which Republicans are still working on, and want Republicans to investigate President Trump about his financial dealings and his supposed collusion […]

Trump Names McMaster to Replace Flynn

On Monday, President Trump named Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, an expert in counter insurgency, to be the director of the White House’s National Security Council. He will replace Gen. Michael Flynn, who was asked to resign last week. The acting NSC chief, Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg will stay on as NSC chief of staff. […]

President takes his Message to the People

A crowd of 9,000 people gathered in Melbourne, FL on Saturday to see the President in a campaign-style rally. He was introduced by First Lady Melanie Trump, who opened the rally by reciting the “Lord’s prayer.” The President began by reassuring the crowd that he was with them and understood their desires and would continue […]

U.S. Mayors Say They’ll Defy Trump

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, joins the mayors of San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, saying they will continue to refuse to cooperate with ICE officials to deport criminal illegal aliens. Emanuel said he would also defy Trump’s deportation orders when he is inaugurated, and insisted Chicago will always be a sanctuary city. […]

Anti-Trump Protestors Urge: Rape Melania

Demonstrators at the Trump International Hotel carried a sign on Monday stating, “Rape Melania” (Trump), and the same sentiment went viral on Twitter. Although messages that criticized Hillary Clinton’s health problems were banned, Twitter allowed the hashtags #AssassinateTrump and #RapeMelania. Both went were top-trending hashtags. Numerous acts of violence were carried out by protesters in […]