Trump’s Asia Trip: America is Back!

  The President returned Wednesday from his trip to Asia. He visited five nations in 13 days, and it was the longest trip overseas by an American leader in 25 years. Trump enjoyed elaborate welcoming ceremonies in Japan, South Korea, and China. His final stops were in Vietnam and the Philippines, where he attended the […]

Franken, Biden Lead New Pack of Assaulters

Joe Biden – Images of the former Vice President inappropriately touching children and women are floating around the internet. Many have appeared on Twitter, but Nicole Perlroth of The New York Times is calling for Twitter to suspend the account of anyone who posts this content. Double standard, anyone? One ex-Secret Service agent who worked […]

Ousted Saudi Prince’s Strange Ties to Las Vegas

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was one of the princes arrested in Saudi Arabia in a sweep by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in an effort to crack down on “criminality and corruption.” There are some very interesting facts about him that merit mentioning: The charges against the Prince include money laundering, bribery, and extorting officials. […]

No Moore! GOP Leaders Threaten to keep Moore from Senate

In a stunning move on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that no matter what Alabamans decide in their upcoming election to replace Jeff Sessions, he will not allow Roy Moore to be seated as Senator. McConnell declared Moore “not fit to be in the United States Senate” and said he has looked at […]

Saudi Allies Line up Against Iran

The Arab League of African and Middle Eastern nations will be meeting in Cairo, Egypt, this week to discuss Iran’s intervention in the region. This comes after the resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister, which plunged the capital of Beirut into chaos. It is the jewel for two rival Muslim sects: the Sunni Saudis (with Kuwait […]

Podesta Lobbying Firm Shutters Doors, Indictments Coming

Late last week, the Podesta Group announced it would be shutting the doors, with no one being paid after November 15. The head of the group, Tony Podesta resigned earlier, with the new CEO, Kimberly Fritts, resigning on Friday. Sources at Infowars report that both John and Tony Podesta are subjects of upcoming indictments linked […]

After Saudi Purge, Middle East on Edge

The crackdown in Saudi Arabia could be a turning point to either settle the Middle East or plunge it into further destabilization and disaster. What happened: Friday night, an Iranian-made missile was launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen. They were aiming for the airport in the capital city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The missile was […]

Eight Dead after NYC Terror Attack

At about 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, a man drove his rented Home Depot truck into a jogging/bike path in lower Manhattan, mowing down bikers and pedestrians. He also plowed into a school bus. In all, eight people were killed and 15 others wounded. At some point, the driver stopped the truck, hopped out and ran […]

Twelve Indictments in Russian Probe–Trump Untouched

Paul Manafort, who was at one time Trump’s campaign manager, his associate Rick Gates, and George Papadapoulous have been indicted* on 12 counts, including conspiracy against the U.S., money laundering, false and misleading statements, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts. According […]

JFK Assassination and the Birth of Conspiracy Theories

Late last week, the federal government released a cache of documents related to the JFK assassination. The result was less than promised and yielded as many questions as answers. The President, who promised during the campaign to expose the truth behind the government’s narrative, was not able to complete his mission. Trump said he hadn’t […]

Former President in New Sexual Assault Allegations

Once the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations began with a tweet by actress Ashley Judd, a small flood has sprung from the bastions of power in Hollywood and Washington. Here are the accusations: Against President H.W. Bush in separate allegations by Heather Lind and Jordan Grolnick, both actresses, who say Bush told them a dirty […]

Clinton/DNC Paid for Fake Trump-Russia Dossier

  New evidence shows Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid to have a phony “dossier” created to destroy Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The dossier is a completely made-up account of prostitutes visiting Trump’s Moscow hotel room and urinating on the bed. The Clinton campaign team and the DNC hired Fusion GPS for this […]

Syrian Rockets “Bleed” into Israel

A barrage of rockets “bled” into Israel from Syria on Saturday. This inadvertent fire has hit Israel in the past, but this time seemed like Syria was sending a message to Israel to back off where Iran is concerned. The rocket fire may have been planned to coincide with the Iran’s defense chief visiting Damascus. […]

Clinton-Mueller-Obama Russian Collusion?

  We are months into the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, but there is little to show for Special Counselor Robert Mueller’s efforts. However, more and more information is mounting showing that the Clintons and the Obama administration, including Mueller–who was head of the FBI at the time–are the ones with the dangerous Russian connections. Photos have […]

FL Congresswoman Turns Trump’s Condolence Call into Media Circus

President Trump decided to call all four families of the soldiers who died in Niger earlier this month. The call to La David Johnson’s mother Cowanda Jones-Johnson was one of them. However, the President did not know that Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) was listening in. She immediately took to social media to criticize President Trump […]