Mexicans Flip Flop on Border Deal

Saturday afternoon, the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and other media outlets were reporting a deal made by the incoming administration of Mexican President Lopez Obrador–who takes office December 5th–to keep thousands of Central American migrants in Mexico while their asylum cases made their way through the American immigration courts. On Sunday, the same incoming administration […]

Communist China’s All-Out Campaign for World Dominance

Last week, Vice President Mike Pence outlined the case against China–a Communist country whose stated goal is to control 90 percent of the world’s most advanced industries by 2025. To do so, they’ve stolen American intellectual property and wage a war on every one of their citizens, are using propaganda to fight the Trump administration’s […]

Kavanaugh Confirmed as SCOTUS Justice 

A Saturday afternoon vote of the Senate of 50 to 48 seated Brett Kavanaugh as a Justice on the Supreme Court. Two Republicans didn’t vote, and one Democrat voted to confirm. Republican Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) voted “present” and Steve Daines (R-MT) was out of town for his daughter’s wedding. President Trump said he spoke to Daines […]

POTUS: Let’s See it All

For a video of this newsletter, click here. In a statement late Monday, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders published an executive order by President Trump declassifying all elements of the communications related to the Russia collusion investigation, including: The “redacted” (hidden) pages of the FISA application used to obtain a court order to spy on Trump […]

Crazy Conspiracies or Just Coincidences?

From NASA’s website: one of the two lunar transits across the sun For a video of this newsletter, click here. Two incidents this week have caused the “crazies” to come out of the woodwork, spilling their wacko conspiracy theories all over the internet, according to the Mainstream Media. Adding to the aura of suspicion, this […]

New Q: Aug. 29, Sept. 1

These new Q posts from Friday and Saturday, Aug 31-Sept. 1 pile up the info on Alice (HRC) and Wonderland (Saudi Arabia). Q teases us with a “soon” message regarding Jeff Sessions, and ends with a presidential executive order on National Preparedness. Are you ready? Let’s dig in… P.S. It’s Alex Podesta Click here to […]

Access Granted – Did Hillary Give the Chinese her Emails?

New reports are coming out that Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server–which she used while secretary of state–was accessed by a Chinese-owned company in DC. These spies who are linked to the Chinese government embedded a code that enabled them to view nearly all of her emails in real time, both those she sent and those […]

Massive Q Drop Aug 28

Click here for my video of the “decoding” of the Q drops from August 28, 2018, all 40 of them! Thanks for watching and praying.

Passing of a Hero or a Traitor?

Six-term Senator John McCain died on Saturday from brain cancer, according to his family. On Friday it was announced he was ending treatment. McCain, a Navy fighter pilot during the Vietnam War, was shot down and held as a POW. Many people take issue with McCain’s war hero status, saying his carelessness caused a fire […]

Six Reasons Why Trump Won’t be Impeached

President Trump connects with an armless man the only way he can, by touching the man’s face Where is Your Trust? Fear is knocking at your door. It comes as impatience, pushing, demanding. When are we going to see these people tried for their crimes? We wait and wait, but it seems like nothing is […]

Manafort, Cohen Guilty of Fraud

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen; former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort Paul Manafort, the one-time Trump campaign manager, was found guilty on 8 counts of tax and banking fraud on Tuesday. The jury could not reach verdicts on the other 10 counts related to fraud. Manafort’s lawyers cast the blame for hiding bank accounts on Manafort’s […]

Elites Move to Censor all Opposition

People who are trapped in a cult are taught not to ask questions. They may wonder about coincidences but dare not voice an opposing thought. They’ve seen what happens when someone stands up to the elite leadership–their characters are impugned and their suspicions are trashed. It works really well to keep the others in line. […]

Report Exposes 300 Pedophile Priests

A grand jury report broke on Tuesday, revealing decades of child abuse allegations against 300+ predator priests and Catholic Church leaders who covered their crimes. According to the report, there were more than 1,000 victims in church records. However, the Pennsylvania grand jury believes the real number is multiple times that. Among the findings: Priests […]

New Q: Hide and Seek

On Tuesday, Q led us down a road with several twists and turns. Here are some of the topics: 1. Is Alex Jones an actor? NBC retaliates for Q post on deleting tweets 2. Think offense – move the ball down the field 3. DOJ airplane story not connected to Clinton Foundation 4. All these […]

President Trump Signs Military Spending Bill

On Monday, President Trump traveled to Fort Drum Army Base in New York to sign the military spending bill. He called it the most significant investment in the US military in history. The bill appropriates $716 billion for fiscal year 2019. Why this Matters: This money will go toward repairing and replacing much of our […]