Saudi Allies Line up Against Iran

The Arab League of African and Middle Eastern nations will be meeting in Cairo, Egypt, this week to discuss Iran’s intervention in the region. This comes after the resignation of Lebanon’s prime minister, which plunged the capital of Beirut into chaos. It is the jewel for two rival Muslim sects: the Sunni Saudis (with Kuwait […]

After Saudi Purge, Middle East on Edge

The crackdown in Saudi Arabia could be a turning point to either settle the Middle East or plunge it into further destabilization and disaster. What happened: Friday night, an Iranian-made missile was launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen. They were aiming for the airport in the capital city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The missile was […]

Syrian Rockets “Bleed” into Israel

A barrage of rockets “bled” into Israel from Syria on Saturday. This inadvertent fire has hit Israel in the past, but this time seemed like Syria was sending a message to Israel to back off where Iran is concerned. The rocket fire may have been planned to coincide with the Iran’s defense chief visiting Damascus. […]

President Trump’s Tough Talk to the UN

President Donald Trump addressed the world from center stage at the UN on Tuesday. He opened his speech by stressing the importance of American leadership in the world and said that the American military will soon be the strongest ever. Then he began to identify serious threats and to sternly admonish misbehaving world leaders, saying […]

Secret Meeting Between Saudis and Israel

Mohammed Bin Salman, the Saudi Prince who is heir-apparent to the crown, secretly visited Israel last week. This is despite the fact that the two countries are bitter enemies and do not have diplomatic relations. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu admitted to the meeting with the prince and said, “Things that are happening today between Israel […]

Rumor of War with North Korea

The war of threats between North Korea and the United States came up a notch or two on Tuesday. First, President Trump responded to a reporter’s question during a press conference. He said, “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire, fury, and frankly, power […]

Threats from Without and Within

1. North Korea   North Korean government media broadcast threats against the U.S., saying “There is no bigger mistake than the United States believing that its land is safe across the ocean.” It added that the U.S. would pay dearly “thousands of times” for the economic sanctions, which include prohibitions on exports of coal, iron, […]

U.S. Slaps Sanctions on Venezuela after Sham Elections

In response to flawed elections, the U.S. announced on Monday it would slap economic sanctions on Venezuela. Although fewer than 20 percent of registered voters went to the polls, a law was passed that puts a constitutional assembly in place to give Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro unlimited powers. This effectively makes the country a dictatorship. […]

U.S. Ends Funding of Rebel Fighters in Syria

President Trump has decided to discontinue support for anti-government fighters in Syria. The official estimates are that 100,000 of President Assad’s forces and their allies were killed or wounded since the war began in 2011, and somewhere between 250,000 and 465,000 Syrians have been killed altogether. Half of the country’s prewar population has been displaced […]

Top Vatican Aide Arrested for  Child Sexual Abuse

A top aide to Pope Francis was arrested last week for child sexual assault. Cardinal George Pell, 76, has returned to Australia where he will be tried for committing “multiple historical sex crimes.” It is alleged that during the 1970s, Pell groomed the children during pool parties, then committed the acts at the cathedral in […]

Saudi Arabia King Names Son in Succession Shake-up

King Salman bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia announced he will be succeeded by his son, 31-year-old Mohammad bin Salman. This is considered a shake-up, as Salman bypassed his nephew, a 57-year-old security chief who led the Saudi campaign against ISIS and al Qaeda. The new king will have sweeping powers as he takes over […]

Qatar Accused of Sponsoring Terror

An alliance of Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia, announced on Saturday they had severed ties and closed borders with Qatar–one of the wealthiest, but smallest, nations in the area. Qatar has ties to Iran and for funding terrorism, and is being sanctioned by its neighbors. The nations cutting ties with Qatar are Egypt, Saudi […]

Islamic Attack on London Bridge: 7 Dead, 48 Wounded

London Bridge – 10 p.m. Saturday, three attackers began their reign of terror. They rented a van and ran over 20 people on London Bridge. They then proceeded to an area of pubs, entering these bars and slashing people with 12-inch knives. Seven were killed and 48 injured before the police shot the three attackers dead. […]

U.S. Plans Test to Thwart North Korean Missiles

The Pentagon has announced it will be conducting a test of our missile defense system in order to prepare for a possible attack from North Korea. The test will happen on Tuesday, and it works like this: The military is alerted to an incoming missile from a hostile country such as North Korea A rocket […]

Security Flaw Allows Massive Cyber-Attack, Blamed on North Korean Group

A ransomware called WannaCry affected hundreds of thousands of computers in Europe and Asia over the last few days. It is said to be the worst cyber-attack ever. When people logged into their systems, a graphic popped up reading, “Oops, your files have been encrypted!” It threatened victims that if they did not pay an […]