Saudi Arabia King Names Son in Succession Shake-up

King Salman bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia announced he will be succeeded by his son, 31-year-old Mohammad bin Salman. This is considered a shake-up, as Salman bypassed his nephew, a 57-year-old security chief who led the Saudi campaign against ISIS and al Qaeda. The new king will have sweeping powers as he takes over […]

Qatar Accused of Sponsoring Terror

An alliance of Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia, announced on Saturday they had severed ties and closed borders with Qatar–one of the wealthiest, but smallest, nations in the area. Qatar has ties to Iran and for funding terrorism, and is being sanctioned by its neighbors. The nations cutting ties with Qatar are Egypt, Saudi […]

Islamic Attack on London Bridge: 7 Dead, 48 Wounded

London Bridge – 10 p.m. Saturday, three attackers began their reign of terror. They rented a van and ran over 20 people on London Bridge. They then proceeded to an area of pubs, entering these bars and slashing people with 12-inch knives. Seven were killed and 48 injured before the police shot the three attackers dead. […]

U.S. Plans Test to Thwart North Korean Missiles

The Pentagon has announced it will be conducting a test of our missile defense system in order to prepare for a possible attack from North Korea. The test will happen on Tuesday, and it works like this: The military is alerted to an incoming missile from a hostile country such as North Korea A rocket […]

Security Flaw Allows Massive Cyber-Attack, Blamed on North Korean Group

A ransomware called WannaCry affected hundreds of thousands of computers in Europe and Asia over the last few days. It is said to be the worst cyber-attack ever. When people logged into their systems, a graphic popped up reading, “Oops, your files have been encrypted!” It threatened victims that if they did not pay an […]

Macron Wins French Election in a Landslide

Emmanuel Macron, 39, was elected president of France on Sunday. He defeated Marine Le Pen, an anti-Islamic nationalist, by 65 percent to 35 percent. Macron is a former investment banker and served for two years as French Economy Minister. He has never held elected office.      More than just a globalist, Macron is an open […]

Turkey Strikes U.S.-Allied Fighters

U.S. forces have begun patrolling the Turkey-Syriaborder after Turkey struck Kurdish fighters in the area who are allied with the U.S. American troops–mostly special ops forces using armored vehicles are trying to stop the outbreak of violence between counter-ISIS fighters. Turkey’s government considers these groups terrorists, but denied targeting them. Turkey has made it known they […]

Four Weeks of Crisis in Venezuela

Just one month ago, massive riots and upheaval broke out in Venezuela. There have been shootings and clashes between security forces and protesters and night-time looting as people are searching for food. The ruling Socialist Party is accusing its political opponents of getting help from the U.S. to bring about a coup. The other side […]

Easter Weekend: World Events

North Korea celebrated the 105th birthday of Kim Il-sung, the founder of the current regime and grandfather of Kim Jong-un. In honor of the occasion, Kim ordered that a missile be launched  but it blew up almost immediately. The missile is presumed to have been a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). A test conducted last month […]

Putin Accuses U.S. of Plans to Bomb Damascus, Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that not only is the U.S. preparing to bomb Damascus, Syria, but also that there were plans to fake another chemical weapons attack. This statement was made during a press conference with the Italian President Sergio Mattarella during a meeting in Moscow. Standing alongside the Italian President, Putin said […]

Two Palm Sunday Bombings  Kill Christians in Egypt

Christian worshippers in Egypt were attacked on Palm Sunday by two bombings in Coptic churches. The first blast in Tanta killed 26 and injured 71, the second blast in Alexandria killed 11 and wounded 35. The governor of the province said it was either a planted bomb or someone blew himself up. Egypt has a […]

World Reacts to Attack on Syria

The reviews are mixed after President Trump ordered the launching of 60 Tomahawk missiles against targets in Syria. Seven people were killed, including four children, and nine were wounded when the air base near Homs was hit. One of the missiles didn’t reach Syria, but instead fell into the sea. The attack was in response […]

Trump Reacts to Sarin Gas Attack in Syria

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad is being blamed for a sarin gas attack that killed 100 in Syria. The Turkish government says that the gas had been smuggled in and used by rebels, not used by Assad. But the Western media, including all outlets in the U.S. are pointing at Assad. Fears are that this attack […]

Obama Aide Lied about Spying on Trump Associates

Susan Rice, former national security adviser and right-hand aide to President Obama, has been named in a questionable practice that involved spying on Americans who had phone conversations with foreign state officials. Rather than simply monitoring the foreigners, Rice routinely requested the identities of Trump’s associates who were incidentally captured by surveillance. Although it is […]

Rumors of War

Russian nuclear subs are ramping up combat patrols to Cold War levels. President Putin has pumped billions of dollars into the Russian military, after decades of neglect. The increase comes amid tensions with the West over Russia’s actions in Ukraine, the Baltic states, and its aid to Assad’s government in Syria. A spokesman for Vladimir […]