Paris Protestors Force Macron to Back off 

The city of Paris has been experiencing the worst rioting in more than a decade as thousands of masked protestors set fire to cars, banks, and homes. They have been calling for French President Emmanuel Macron to resign and for an end to high taxes. At least 400 people were arrested on Saturday, and 130 […]

Final Battle for Syria?

Syrian front line troops on the edge of Idlib Province, Sept. 9, 2018 Russian and Syrian forces are beefing up and moving to take Idlib Province, the one remaining rebel stronghold in Syria. The US has been busy as well, according to Russia Today. Russian media reports that on Saturday, US jets dropped highly flammable […]

Giving Aid to the Enemy (Opinion)

    Between the US sanctions levied against Iran, the withdrawal from the nuclear deal, and the cut-off of cash after Obama left office, Iran’s President Rouhani is in trouble. On Tuesday, Iran’s parliament censured him, voting to reject his explanation for Iran’s severe economic hardships. Rouhani blamed the bad economy and devaluation of their […]

Historic Summit with North Korea a Success!

President Donald Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12 (local) time for a historic summit signaling the end of the Korean war and a denuclearization of the peninsula. The world watched on as the two leaders shook hands for the cameras, then walked to a private room for a […]

Obama Admin. Lied to Congress,  Wanted US Banks to Violate Iran Sanctions

  To watch a video of this newsletter (including Iran-related Q posts), click here. The Obama administration tried to give Iran brief access to the US banking system in 2015, violating sanctions, while repeatedly lying about it to Congress.  According to a Senate investigation report released on Wednesday, the Obama Treasury Department issued a license […]

Wins and Losses for Freedom

On May 25, global tech giants were forced to submit to a European law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which harmonizes privacy laws across Europe. It forces organizations that collect, use, and manage personal data to explicitly state that what they do with it so that consumers can opt in or out of […]

North Korea Dismantles Test Site, But Threatens to Back Out of Meeting

As promised, Kim Jong-un has begun dismantling a nuclear test site in preparation for it to close next week. The facility was North Korea’s primary site where the last five nuclear tests were performed. Satellite images show the site was dilapidated even before some buildings were razed. Analysts say Kim may be removing details he […]

What’s Really Behind the Iran Nuclear Deal?

According to reports surfacing since President Trump cancelled the U.S. participation in the Iran nuclear deal, major firms are losing billions of dollars in commercial deals with Iran. Trump has promised to reinstall sanctions on Iran if the deal is not renegotiated to the benefit of the U.S. The U.S. and foreign firms currently doing […]

Welcome Home! 

When the three former captives of North Korea landed at 3 a.m. on Thursday, President Trump, First Lady Melania and Vice President Pence and his wife Karen were there to welcome them home. The President and Melania boarded the plane to personally greet them, then they gathered on the tarmac to talk to reporters.   […]

Trump Nixes Iran Nuclear Deal,  Threatens Sanctions 

President Trump was due to re-certify the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran by May 12. Instead, he spoke on Tuesday to the American people explaining why he was pulling us out and what that means for the future. Here are excerpts: Iran is the leading state sponsor of terror, supporting Hezbollah, Hamas, Taliban and al Qaeda. Iran has murdered, kidnapped and […]

Israel Says There’s Proof: Iran Lied

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a press conference in English on Monday, saying Iran brazenly lied about their nuclear program. He said he has proof that the Iranians continued to preserve and expand their nuclear weapons knowledge even after signing the agreement in 2015. They lied about their program in the late 90s and early […]

War Between Koreas to End! 

For the first time since the Korean War, North Korea’s leader stepped across the border to meet with South Korea’s President. Kim Jong-un, with a great smile and outstretched hand straddled the border of the demilitarized zone to be warmly greeted by South Korea’s Moon Jae-in. “I was excited to meet at this historic place […]

France’s Macron Agrees with Trump: Rewrite Iran Nuclear Deal

President Trump and the First Lady hosted French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife on Tuesday evening for the first state dinner of the Trump White House. Macron and Trump gave a press conference earlier in the day and although there were some differences on pulling out of Syria and other matters, the two seemed […]

Kim to Suspend Strikes, Shut Down Nuclear Test Site

A Korean source says as a show of good faith for the upcoming meeting with President Trump, Kim Jong-un will suspend nuclear and missile tests and shut down a nuclear test site. The date and place for the summit have not yet been named. On Thursday, North Korea dropped its demand that U.S. troops stationed […]

Secret Meeting, North/South Summit Signal End of Nuclear Threat

Dotted line is the DMZ (demilitarization zone) An unnamed South Korean official told local media that both sides of the Korean conflict are in talks to announce a permanent end to the Korean War that began in 1950. Leaders of the two countries are supposed to meet in a summit next week. A truce, not […]