Biden’s Blunder: Invites Russia to Invade Ukraine

It was difficult to do, but President Biden managed to create another “worst weekof his presidency.” As his Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Americans on Friday, “This week has been frustrating, devastating, angering—all of those things.” Then she added that supporters should go to a kickboxing class or have a Margarita. At the top of Biden’s […]

This Biden Scandal is so Bad, Big Tech Silenced the Truth

Joe Biden had a very bad Wednesday. The New York Post broke a story showing evidence from a laptop computer that Hunter Biden had set up a meeting between his dad and a top executive at Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company. This is the firm that paid Hunter $50,000 per month to sit on […]

3 Huge Revelations of Corruption

Watch on YouTube Three huge revelations that suggest treason, sedition, and corruption in the Obama-Biden administration were brought forward this week with the release of court papers and the results of a Senate investigation: Plot to destroy Gen. Michael Flynn, former Trump National Security Advisor Coup attempt by the FBI to force Donald Trump out of office through […]