Biden’s Blunder: Invites Russia to Invade Ukraine

It was difficult to do, but President Biden managed to create another “worst weekof his presidency.” As his Press Secretary Jen Psaki told Americans on Friday, “This week has been frustrating, devastating, angering—all of those things.” Then she added that supporters should go to a kickboxing class or have a Margarita. At the top of Biden’s […]

Can Anyone be this Foolish?

Note: Updated to correct Chinese investment to $1.5 billion (not million). We regret the error. Watch on YouTube Back in the day when he was Vice President, Joe Biden loved to travel with his son, Hunter. Father and child took special trips together—like the one to China, where Hunter walked away with $1.5 billion of […]

Did Hillary Sell US Secrets to China?

Watch this on YouTube Sen. Grassley (R-IA) released 105 pages of documents on Thursday, showing the results of a Senate investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured email server. All but four of her 30,490 emails were automatically forwarded to, raising concerns that a foreign actor gained access to Clinton’s emails. The Inspector […]