Trump Signs Funding Bill; Declares National Emergency

On Friday, the President did two things to secure the nation. He declared a national emergency in order to fortify the southern border and also signed a spending bill to keep the government open. The spending bill’s provisions for immigration control and the border were in some ways detrimental to our national security, but without […]

Trump Offers Deal, Cancels Pelosi’s Trip

On Saturday, President Trump addressed the nation about the shutdown, which is entering its second month, and the border security crisis. He gave the Democrats a few concessions for DACA recipients and other immigrants whose legal status is in flux, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was having none of it. At 4 p.m. on Saturday, […]

What Happened? GOP Budget Funds Planned Parenthood, But Not the Wall

Democrats and Republicans reached a budget deallate Sunday, which keeps the government running until September. Both sides are complaining that they didn’t get what they want, but most in Washington say that the Democrats came out on top. It seems that moderate Republicans worked with Democrats and the result is a high-dollar, low-value budget that […]