CIA Memo Shows Hillary Led Attempted Coup, Obama Approved

Hillary Clinton—with the aid of Obama—has finally been officially identifiedas the one leading the coup attempt against Donald Trump. Here are the details:  A foreign policy adviser to Hillary came up with a plan to accuse Donald Trump of conspiring with Russia in order to distract from her own email scandal, in which she used a private […]

Clinton/DNC Paid for Fake Trump-Russia Dossier

  New evidence shows Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid to have a phony “dossier” created to destroy Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The dossier is a completely made-up account of prostitutes visiting Trump’s Moscow hotel room and urinating on the bed. The Clinton campaign team and the DNC hired Fusion GPS for this […]

Outing Fake News: The “Trump Dossier”

Just before President Trump’s inauguration, a report was released alleging Trump collusion with the Russians. As proof, a sketchy media outlet called BuzzFeed leaked a story that claimed Trump and prostitutes in Russia were captured on video performing deviant sexual acts. The author of the report is a former British spy named Christopher Steele. Steele […]