The Lie That Could Collapse the Cabal

Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann: “I am Coming on My Own” View on Rumble, Brighteon, or Bitchute. Special Counsel John Durham is a stealthy sleuth. Hired by the Trump administration several years ago, Durham was tasked with investigating the Russia collusion narrative. He has been quietly doing that. Now we have the first indictment, that of Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, […]

Welcome Home! 

When the three former captives of North Korea landed at 3 a.m. on Thursday, President Trump, First Lady Melania and Vice President Pence and his wife Karen were there to welcome them home. The President and Melania boarded the plane to personally greet them, then they gathered on the tarmac to talk to reporters.   […]

Podesta Lobbying Firm Shutters Doors, Indictments Coming

Late last week, the Podesta Group announced it would be shutting the doors, with no one being paid after November 15. The head of the group, Tony Podesta resigned earlier, with the new CEO, Kimberly Fritts, resigning on Friday. Sources at Infowars report that both John and Tony Podesta are subjects of upcoming indictments linked […]

Clinton-Mueller-Obama Russian Collusion?

  We are months into the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, but there is little to show for Special Counselor Robert Mueller’s efforts. However, more and more information is mounting showing that the Clintons and the Obama administration, including Mueller–who was head of the FBI at the time–are the ones with the dangerous Russian connections. Photos have […]

New Damaging Emails in Dump #25

Clinton gets $6 Million from Ethiopian Sheikh New information came out on Tuesday related to document dump #25 by Wikileaks. These John Podesta emails show that Bill Clinton was paid $6 million for his foundation after he made a call to Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi of Ethiopia. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton said they wanted more […]