Five Stunning Proofs of Hillary’s Guilt

View on Rumble, Brighteon,, or Bitchute. The 2016 campaign was a saga of espionage and dirty tricks to make sure that Donald Trump would not make it into office, and once he was in, to dog his presidency with scandal. All of this has been exposed and detailed during the trial of Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, who used a two-pronged […]

Was Obama Administration Spying on Trump Campaign?

The Russia collusion investigation looks to be exposing the true colluders. As new facts are being discovered every day, it seems the real colluders may be the Obama administration in league with the Clinton campaign. There are several things that have been uncovered in the past weeks that point to evidence of the Obama FBI and […]

New Revelations from Leaked Emails

On Monday, Wikileaks released another 3,000 emails from Clinton  Campaign Manager John Podesta. This brings the total to 15,000. The themes continue to show the campaign’s desire to cover Clinton’s flaws and to lie and take every political advantage available. One Clinton adviser wrote to Podesta about Hillary, saying: “Her inability to just do a national interview and […]

Damaging Emails and Conflicts of Interest Dog Hillary Clinton

Contradictory statements and emails suggesting improprieties continue to surface related to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Several stunning revelations have occurred in the past few days. Last week, Clinton began blaming Colin Powell, her predecessor as Secretary of State, for setting the precedent to use private emails–even though it is prohibited. Clinton said […]