Deep State’s Top 3 Strategies to Regain Control

To watch a video of this newsletter, click here Drama Abounds: Rosenstein In? Out? Even More Kavanaugh Accusers Breaking news swirled on Monday in competing headlines: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein resigned… or has been fired… or is still employed and, according to Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, due to meet with the President on Thursday […]

Resist, Refuse, Deny and Lie: DC Deep State Exposed

To watch a video of this newsletter, click here   We have all seen the loud and obnoxious Trump-haters in DC. Some, who have been removed from high office, continue to promote sedition and fraud on MSM and social media-the propaganda arms of the Deep State. They’re not the only ones abusing power. Another, quiet […]

Storm Warning for Deep State

Click here for a video of this newsletter. While South Carolina battens down the hatches and Christian believers hit their knees to beseech God to turn Hurricane Florence back out to sea, the Deep State has their own storm preparations underway. This looks to be the week –or at the latest next week–that President Trump […]

How Deep does the Collusion Go?

  Click on the video above for a YouTube version of this story. The MSM is still on its “Trump colluded with Russia” kick. The have used Monday’s summit between Putin and Trump to continue the phony narrative that says US intelligence agencies warned Trump about Russia meddling in the 2016 election and he did […]

Another “Process Crime” Indictment in Russia-Collusion Probe

Attorney Alex Van Der Zwaan has been charged with making false statements to federal authorities in the Russia collusion investigation. This is called a process crime, which means it was made during the investigation and would not have happened otherwise. Various media outlets have called Van Der Zwaan a wealthy Russian, a Dutch lawyer, and […]

Is the Deep State in Trouble with the Appointment of a New Coms Director?

(Opinion) Obfuscate, Refuse, ‘Rezist’ are the bywords of the Deep State–establishment employees and Clinton/Obama holdovers that are determined to control government no matter who we elected as president. They are aided and abetted by their brethren in the media. In fact, these two elements are tied so closely, one wonders who is directing whom. Together, […]

British Spy Linked to Phony Story

The story that swirled in the headlines last week regarding a “dossier” that alleges sexual improprieties and Trump took bribes from Russia, is getting exposed. Donald Trump first hit back at CNN and BuzzFeed, calling them fake news (CNN) and a “failing pile of garbage” (BuzzFeed). Next he attacked the “sleazebag political operatives” in both […]