Facebook, Fauci, & the “Morality” Pill:

How Tyrants Create Compliance Dr. Fauci was caught in a web of incompetence testifying before the Senate on Tuesday. He has insisted that no amount of US funding of the Wuhan lab in China was used for gain-of-function research. This is the process that makes a virus more virulent and transmissible so that it can be studied. Senator […]

Big Tech, Big Media All-In for Biden–All Out to Steal our Liberty

View Video Please be sure to subscribe to the video channel and to this newsletter by clicking the button above!! Trump attorneys delivered a blow to the Biden presumptive win on Thursday by outlining the breathtaking fraud perpetrated by Democrats on the electorate. If you haven’t listened to Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, the press conference video is […]

Q Posts September 2: They’re Always Watching

The CIA, NSA and Google are always watching! Click here for the video. In the Q posts of September 2 (#2055-2065), we get more concrete evidence of Google’s conception, birth, and maturity being directed and planned by the US intelligence community, specifically the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA). We learn of yet another set […]

Trump Under Fire by Special Counsel

The President is under intense pressure as the FBI raided the office, home, and hotel room of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. They seized his electronic devices, cell phones, and documents. This raid was instigated because of the information provided by Robert Mueller’s team. The records taken were related to the alleged payment of $130,000 […]

MSM Meltdown: All Roads Lead to Unfair 2016 Election

Q says the Black Hats are panicked and we should enjoy the show. We’re not seeing any arrests, but reports continue popping up that support the MSM/Democrat narrative that President Trump did not really win the election; or if he did, he is not fit to serve as president. These are the stories: 1. Facebook […]

Facebook to Begin Censoring its News Feed

Facebook has teamed up with a short list of media organizations to fact-check their news and keep certain stories out of their news feed. When third-party fact-checkers confirm a story is fake, it will be labeled and demoted in the News Feed. A company rep said that when it appears that a “fake” story is […]