Deep State’s Top 3 Strategies to Regain Control

To watch a video of this newsletter, click here Drama Abounds: Rosenstein In? Out? Even More Kavanaugh Accusers Breaking news swirled on Monday in competing headlines: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein resigned… or has been fired… or is still employed and, according to Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, due to meet with the President on Thursday […]

Shooting in Annapolis, Five Dead MSM Blaming Trump 

The Capital Gazette newsroom Annapolis, MD was the target for a shooter who had been angry with the newspaper since 2011. The suspect, Jarrod Ramos, 38 took a long gun to the newspaper’s office and opened fire, killing five people and wounded several others. First responders got to the scene within 60 seconds of the […]

Student Colton Haab Censored at CNN Town Hall

CNN held a “town hall meeting” on Wednesday evening featuring students and parents who were affected by the Parkland shooting at Majorie Stoneman Douglas High School. The NRA sent spokeswoman Dana Loesch, and several politicians were also invited. Colton Haab, a survivor of the shooting and a member of the JROTC said CNN censored his […]

Media Frenzy of Fake News

The Mainstream Media has gone on a fake news bonanza, publishing multiple false allegations about the President and his family. After being exposed, the media outlets quietly corrected the falsehoods. In some cases, however, the lies were perpetuated on Twitter via “retweets,” and spread exponentially without being retracted. December 8, ABC suspended star reporter Brian […]

Jeff Sessions: the Newest Target for Supposed Collusion with Russians

The New York Times and The Washington Post have both released stories claiming Attorney General Jeff Sessions had meetings with Russian officials during the presidential campaign. The Trump administration and Jeff Sessions himself say he did nothing wrong. The issue dates back to Sessions’ hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was asked by Senator […]

Trump Rolls Back Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Order

On Wednesday, President Trump lifted the bathroom requirements for transgender students, correcting what he believes to be a legal overreach by the Obama administration. The President said he would leave it up to the states to decide what they would do about the issue. The federal Justice and Education departments issued a statement saying public […]

President takes his Message to the People

A crowd of 9,000 people gathered in Melbourne, FL on Saturday to see the President in a campaign-style rally. He was introduced by First Lady Melanie Trump, who opened the rally by reciting the “Lord’s prayer.” The President began by reassuring the crowd that he was with them and understood their desires and would continue […]

Trump Solidifies Relationship with Israel

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to meet with President Trump at the White House on Wednesday. At a joint press conference, Trump said his administration is committed to working with Israel, and that includes a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. He said it is the “parties themselves” who should directly negotiate […]

British Spy Linked to Phony Story

The story that swirled in the headlines last week regarding a “dossier” that alleges sexual improprieties and Trump took bribes from Russia, is getting exposed. Donald Trump first hit back at CNN and BuzzFeed, calling them fake news (CNN) and a “failing pile of garbage” (BuzzFeed). Next he attacked the “sleazebag political operatives” in both […]

Facebook to Begin Censoring its News Feed

Facebook has teamed up with a short list of media organizations to fact-check their news and keep certain stories out of their news feed. When third-party fact-checkers confirm a story is fake, it will be labeled and demoted in the News Feed. A company rep said that when it appears that a “fake” story is […]

Mainstream Media vs.”Fake News” and Freedom of Speech

After the incredible triumph of Donald Trump on November 8, the mainstream media has come under increasing scrutiny. Everyone predicted a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton, and the coverage leading up to the election was anything but fair and balanced. Even the somewhat conservative Fox News was difficult for Trump fans to watch. The constant belittling […]