Trump Threatens to Send Illegals to Sanctuary Cities

A group of about 350 people broke the locks on a gate at the border between Guatemalan and Mexico April 12, joining a larger caravan on their way to the US. Trump Threatens to Send Illegals to Sanctuary Cities View on YouTube. President Donald Trump said on Friday he was considering sending illegals to US […]

Trump Offers Deal, Cancels Pelosi’s Trip

On Saturday, President Trump addressed the nation about the shutdown, which is entering its second month, and the border security crisis. He gave the Democrats a few concessions for DACA recipients and other immigrants whose legal status is in flux, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was having none of it. At 4 p.m. on Saturday, […]

Trump Frees U.S. from Paris Climate Accord

The President announced on Wednesday he was withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, saying it’s not a good deal for America. He also suggested it might be renegotiated, but that it was not a major priority. In his address from the Rose Garden, Mr. Trump outlined the reasons for his decision, citing the […]

GOP Candidate’s Immigration Grades

The group Numbers USA offers an assessment of the candidates based on their stance on immigration. These are the issues that affect Americans’ jobs and wages. Overall: Cruz A, Trump A-, Carson B+, Bush C-, Kasich D, Rubio D Prevent illegal border entries/surges – Excellent – Cruz Very Good – Trump, Carson, Bush Good – […]

Europe’s Enemy Within

Groups of Syrian refugees–mostly young men–gathered on the banks of the Rhine River in Cologne, Germany New Year’s Eve. They weren’t alone. There were thousands of native Germans there to enjoy the fireworks. That abruptly ended as angry, roving bands of 20 to 30 Muslim men targeted the German women for sexual assault. The offenses ranged […]

Was Donald Trump out of Line?

Donald Trump was quoted as saying he’d shut down immigration and not allow any Muslims into the U.S. until lawmakers “know what we’re doing.” Media outlets, the President’s spokesman, and even fellow Republican presidential candidates heatedly denounced Trump as a bigot, crazy, and a misguided missile. Ted Cruz simply said, “That’s not my policy.” What […]

Congress is About to Vote

Congress Enters Final Legislative Month of 2015 The House was able to push through two resolutions that would block President Obama’s plan to force steep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The Senate already approved identical motions last month. The President vows to veto them. Syrian Refugees – The President wants our current program expanded to […]

An Update on the Terror Manhunt

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 After an overnight raid in a Paris neighborhood, eight terrorists were captured and two others are killed. One who died was a a female who detonated her suicide vest when police approached. The police have not released information on the mastermind behind the Paris attack. He may have been the one […]