The People’s Convoy Heads to DC, What Could Possibly go Wrong?

“The People’s Convoy” is headed out from California towards Washington, DC with a goal of reaching the areas just outside the Capital. Other groups of truckers will be joining them. Some are aiming for Biden’s State of the Union Address on March 1, others say they’ll arrive March 5. They want an end to all mandates plus a […]

Vax Mandates BLOCKED, Plus: Death in Tunnel of Terror

View this video on Rumble, Bitchute, or Brighteon There were two resounding victories against vaccine mandates this weekthat provide freedom for federal contractors and the people of New York City. In the first ruling by U.S. District Judge R. Stan Baker in Georgia, Biden’s vaccine requirement for workers nationwide who are employed by federal contractors was temporarily blocked. The judge wrote: “The […]

What God Expects When We’re Under Persecution

On Friday afternoon, President Biden passed judgment on mounted border patrol agents using their reins to do their jobs. The video and images from social media implied that agents used their reins as whips to keep Haitians from trespassing illegally.  Biden said the agents were wrong and will pay.  “It was horrible to see what you […]

Jesus Saves, Except from White Supremacy

Apparently, the greatest threat facing mankind today is white supremacy.From the Department of Justice to the hallowed halls of the Southern Baptist Convention, it is now being recognized that white people—especially white men—are Satan’s main tool to destroy humanity.  This might even be a greater threat than “climate change,” and no amount of repentance can […]