Trump Threatens to Send Illegals to Sanctuary Cities

A group of about 350 people broke the locks on a gate at the border between Guatemalan and Mexico April 12, joining a larger caravan on their way to the US. Trump Threatens to Send Illegals to Sanctuary Cities View on YouTube. President Donald Trump said on Friday he was considering sending illegals to US […]

U.S. Marines Land in Syria to Fight ISIS

A detachment of U.S. Marines landed with artillery in Syria on Wednesday, and more are on their way. The target is Raqqa, the ISIS capital. The total number of Marines will be about 900, and although U.S. special ops forces have been there a year, this is the first time a substantial number of U.S. […]

Clinton Cleared, Emails to Satanists, Illegals to Vote

This is a summary of the blockbuster news from Friday through Sunday the week before the election. Comey Says Clinton Cleared FBI Director James Comey announced on Sunday afternoon that he would be dropping the renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of an illegal server. He said that his original determination that she was excessively careless […]

Next Batch: More Nasty, Dirty Politics

A September 12, 2007 email released by Wikileaks suggests that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was using funds from an offshore account on the Island of Guernsey to pay bribes. The Swiss bank’s email informs Merkel that they would be closing her account because it is not their policy to “hid[e] funds in offshore accounts which obviously […]