Trump Calls out NATO, Germany for Hypocrisy

This week Donald Trump met with NATO members in Brussels and exposed the hypocrisy of non-compliant NATO countries, particularly Germany. He also questioned the need for NATO, which was formed after World War 2 to keep the Russians out of Europe, keep American military in Europe, and keep Germany from becoming a problem again. NATO […]

City of Brussels on Maximum Alert

Sunday, November 22 The government of Belgium received a threat of a Paris-style attack in its capitol city, Brussels. Stores closed down and people were warned to stay home, away from the windows. On Sunday, the decision was made to continue the state of high alert through Monday. The police carried out a series of raids, […]

NATO Considers Sending 4,000 Troops to Russian Borders

In a belated response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, NATO is considering sending as many as 4,000 troops to Russia’s borders with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.