LGBT Community Blames Traditionalists, Christians for Violence Against Gays

A staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union released a statement following the Orlando attack saying the Christian Right is implicated. The attorney, Chase Strangio, points to the 200 “anti-LGBT” bills passed in the last six months. This would include the recent ruling in North Carolina on bathroom usage. Sally Kohn of MSNBC says […]

President Stretches Truth in SOTU Address

The President’s last State of the Union address on Tuesday night was difficult for conservatives to sit through. President Obama took credit for many things we would consider a detriment to the country, and some facts were skewed to fit his narrative. Perhaps the most egregious truth-stretcher was the one that made it sound like we’ve […]

President Obama’s Speech to the Nation

In his third Oval Office speech to the American people since taking office, Mr. Obama addressed the issue of the killings in San Bernardino that were committed by two Muslims. He called it a terror attack, which he had avoided doing until now. Mr. Obama said the terrorist threat has evolved to a new phase […]