Bad News for Peace in Syria

On Monday, the Turkish government accused Russia of an “obvious war crime” after several missile attacks in northern Syria. Up to 50 people were killed when missiles hit five medical facilities and two schools. The attacks happened in rebel-held areas and the bombing was carried out even after Russia denied it was targeting civilians. Turkey’s […]

Update on Paris Attacks/ISIS, One less Republican candidate

Tuesday, November 17,  2015 ISIS Hacked, 5,500 Twitter Accounts Lost An online group calling itself “Anonymous” has waged a cyber war on ISIS and announced it has hacked 5,500 ISIS-affiliated accounts on Twitter and has taken them down.

NATO Considers Sending 4,000 Troops to Russian Borders

In a belated response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, NATO is considering sending as many as 4,000 troops to Russia’s borders with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Russian Warships Fire Missiles on Syria

Four Russian warships in the Caspian Sea launched more than 20 missiles that landed 900 miles away, in Syria. The missiles flew over both Iran and Iraq to reach their targets. In the last week, Russian fighter jets have intercepted three US drones flying over Syria.

Will U.S. Uranium End up in Iran’s Nuclear Arsenal?

New information ties the Clinton Foundation’s receipt of donated funds to the sale of Uranium to Russia. The Russians now control 1/5 of the uranium production in the U.S. through a deal that was signed by Mrs. Clinton and other U.S. officials when she served as Secretary of State. The Russians supply uranium to Iran; […]