Terror Attack Closes Down British Parliament

British police shot an assailant on Wednesday after he stabbed an officer at Britain’s Parliament. They are treating it as a terrorist incident, until they “know otherwise.” The attacker first drove his vehicle into a mob of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, then crashed his car into a gate of the Houses of Parliament. Five people […]

Israel Shoots Down Syrian Missile, Escalates Conflict

On Friday morning, Israel’s Air Force shot down a Syrian ballistic missile. It posed a direct threat to Israel’s safety, according to the commander of the Israeli Air Defense Command. Three Syrian missiles were fired at Israeli jets who were trying to take out a Hezbollah* arms convoy that was traveling through Syria. The jets […]

Trump Accuses Obama Administration of Wiretapping

According to Heat Street, a Leftist media outlet, two separate sources with links to the counter-intelligence community have confirmed that the FBI was granted a court warrant in October to wiretap the Trump campaign. Over the summer, the FBI applied for and obtained court orders to monitor four members of Donald Trump’s campaign team. These […]