“The Hardest Thing I Have to Do”

“Much harder than the witch hunt is signing letters to parents of soldiers who have been killed… Mothers and wives jumping on that coffin and crying desperately…There is a time and a place [for war], and this is a time to stop.” —President Trump, on the pullout from Syria This week President Trump ordered 30-50 […]

Six Officers Shot, 3 Dead in Baton Rouge

Three officers are dead and three others are injured in Baton Rouge after being lured into an ambush. The suspect, Gavin Eugene Long, 29, was a former member of Nation of Islam (led by Louis Farrakhan) and former U. S. Marine. Officers responded to a call about a man walking down the highway with an […]

Bad News for Peace in Syria

On Monday, the Turkish government accused Russia of an “obvious war crime” after several missile attacks in northern Syria. Up to 50 people were killed when missiles hit five medical facilities and two schools. The attacks happened in rebel-held areas and the bombing was carried out even after Russia denied it was targeting civilians. Turkey’s […]

Turkey Re-Elects Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in Turkey’s presidential election was celebrated by terrorist organization Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Erdogan’s ruling Sunni Islamist party, AKP, is known for arresting journalists, targeting Jews and women, and fighting the Kurds. Although theJune 7th vote was against him, he was able to overturn it and keep his parliamentary majority. The new vote […]

Bombs Kill, Wound Hundreds at Peace Rally in Turkey

Two suicide bombers killed at least 97 people and injured 250 others during a peace rally in the city’s center of Ankara, Turkey’s capitol. A pro-Kurdish demonstration was the target of the twin explosions. Hundreds of people had gathered to protest against violence between Turkish authorities and the Kurdish militant group, the PKK. No group has […]