Buck Up! Rough Ride Ahead PART II

The above is President Trump’s tweet from September 5, 2018, which “Q” reposted on March 9, adding, “IT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN. BE VIGILANT.” View parts I and II on YouTube. (From Part I) There is no easy way to say this. The days ahead may be very rough. Our nation is at a crossroads where […]

Clinton/DNC Paid for Fake Trump-Russia Dossier

  New evidence shows Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid to have a phony “dossier” created to destroy Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The dossier is a completely made-up account of prostitutes visiting Trump’s Moscow hotel room and urinating on the bed. The Clinton campaign team and the DNC hired Fusion GPS for this […]

Clinton-Mueller-Obama Russian Collusion?

  We are months into the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, but there is little to show for Special Counselor Robert Mueller’s efforts. However, more and more information is mounting showing that the Clintons and the Obama administration, including Mueller–who was head of the FBI at the time–are the ones with the dangerous Russian connections. Photos have […]

Trump’s Latest Executive Order Dismantles Climate Regulations

President Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday to dismantle President Obama’s signature climate regulation. This new “energy independence” directive rolls back regulations that have killed the coal industry in the U.S. and is projected to save 127,000 coal jobs. The President, surrounded by out-of-work coal miners, announced, “We are ending theft of American prosperity […]

Will Massive Email Leak Create Problems for Clinton?

On Friday, WikiLeaks began releasing thousands of emails from the account of John Pedestal, Clinton’s campaign chairman. The emails point to unethical issues within the campaign and call into question Clinton’s bigotry and her goals for the presidency. WikiLeaks has been dropping thousands every day, and it is a challenge for the media to keep […]