President to End DACA Immigration


President Donald Trump announced he will end the Obama-era DACA program that grants work permits to illegals who arrived in the country as children. Ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, aka “Dreamers” Act fulfills one of the president’s core campaign promises.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the initial announcement, saying the President is putting a stop to this “unconstitutional exercise of authority” by the Obama administration, and added, “there is nothing compassionate about the failure to enforce immigration law.”

– DACA was established in 2012, granting amnesty to illegals
– Affects 800,000 undocumented residents
– Gives illegal children the ability to come into the country and apply for a work permit
– Bypasses security background checks
– Has no ending point
– Was an executive order Obama enacted after Congress rejected it
-Many “dreamers” are now adults working in the U.S.

Trump’s decision will be voted on by Congress. The President says he hopes Congress will be able to help these illegals and end the program properly. He added that long-term, it is the right solution. Homeland Security has been ordered to stop processing new applications to DACA immediately.

Officials in Mexico and El Salvador decried the President’s decision, saying the change creates “anxiety, anguish and fear.” Mexico’s deputy foreign minister said the Mexican dreamers will be welcomed back and will receive assistance with work, finances, and education.

El Salvador’s foreign relations minister said he hoped to meet with Congress in Washington to protect the 30,000 to 60,000 Salvadorans who could be affected.

Why this Matters: This is a welcome relief to taxpayers who are scratching their heads at the $54.5 billion burden for providing education, welfare and other benefits for 3.7 million illegals. Predictably, the Left is promising to fight to keep DACA in place.

The President also delivered statements to the press Tuesday afternoon regarding his vision for tax cuts and tax reform. He hopes it will happen by the end of the year, and is meeting with six key personnel from his staff and Congress to talk about crafting legislation.

Pray for great, effective solutions to immigration and taxation issues. Ask the Lord will press on the conscience of Congress to enact every piece of God-inspired legislation.

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