Clinton Vilifies the “Alt-Right”– Is she Talking about You?

Last Thursday, Hillary Clinton spoke to an audience in Reno, and made headlines by attacking Donald Trump and his followers. She referred to them as the “Alt-right.” This is what the mainstream media has labeled “populist, nationalist, racist and conspiracist groupings who see themselves as the alternative to mainstream political conservatism.” Hillary’s first accusation was […]

Trump Details his Economic Policy

Donald Trump was in Detroit on Monday speaking to the Economic Club, where he detailed his “America First” economic plan: Tax Simplification – 12, 25, and 33 percent tax brackets for individuals American companies will pay no more than 15 percent in taxes Parents can fully deduct childcare costs The “death tax” is eliminated A […]

Iran gets $400 Million for Prisoner Exchange?

The details came out this week of President Obama’s secret airlift of $400 million in cash to Iran. It coincided with the release of four Americans who had been detained by that country. It was the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement between the Obama administration and Iran for a failed arms deal that dates […]

Hillary Clinton Accepts Nomination

Hillary Clinton formally accepted the presidential nomination from a fractured Democrat Party and made history as the country’s first female candidate for President. Clinton has her work cut out for her, and must win over disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters–who feel like the system is rigged–and bridge the gap between being a champion of “change,” or […]

“I will Fight for You… I will Win for You”

Thirteen months after entering the presidential race, Donald Trump accepted the nomination at the Republican convention Thursday night. Ivanka introduced her father and spoke about his ability, his work ethic, and his ability to inspire people to become better. She made the case for Trump’s fair treatment of women, saying he has hired more women […]

It’s Official! Trump Secures Nomination

Tuesday afternoon in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump received the votes he needed to become the official Republican candidate for president in the 2016 race. Trump will deliver his acceptance speech on Thursday evening. Monday night, the convention was introduced to Melania Trump, his wife of 11 years. Melanie spoke of his […]

LGBT Community Blames Traditionalists, Christians for Violence Against Gays

A staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union released a statement following the Orlando attack saying the Christian Right is implicated. The attorney, Chase Strangio, points to the 200 “anti-LGBT” bills passed in the last six months. This would include the recent ruling in North Carolina on bathroom usage. Sally Kohn of MSNBC says […]

Abortion Exceptions and Transgender Bathrooms

Donald Trump spoke out on the campaign trail, saying he would change a plank in the Republican Party platform to make three exception to protecting the life of the unborn child. Those would be in the case of rape, incest, and endangering the life of the mother. John Katich agrees with Trump’s position, but Ted […]

The Relentless Assault on Free Speech

In the current environment, any strong opinion that opposes someone else’s strong opinion is not just a disagreement, now it’s on the verge of becoming a crime. If the emotion behind a criminal act is hatred toward a particular race, gender, sexual orientation, it is hate crime–worse, somehow because their identity is attacked. If a wedding service […]

The Candidates Talk about Israel

At the American Israel Public Affairs Conference (AIPAC) on Monday, four of the remaining five presidential candidates talked about U.S. foreign policy–especially with regards to Israel. The candidates giving speeches were Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. Bernie Sanders did not attend or speak at the event. Hillary Clinton – Delivered a […]

Finally, a Clean GOP Debate!

It’s just a few days before 433 delegates are awarded in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, the Virgin Islands, D.C., Guam, Wyoming, and North Carolina. This was a clean debate–the candidates disagreed, but they did not attack each other. Rubio, playing to a home crowd at the University of Miami, had an excellent night. Cruz and […]

Republican Debate a Trainwreck

GOP candidates debated each other on Saturday night in South Carolina, to help voters prepare for that state’s primary on Saturday, February 20. Instead of giving us a good insight into further details of their policies, the infighting and name calling turned it into a train wreck. Divisive and cutting conduct by several candidates included […]

Three Candidates Rocked the Debate

It was an instructive and entertaining evening as the top seven candidates fielded questions from Fox Business News’ Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo. All the candidates had good moments, but three stood out, dominating the evening with wit, energy and command of the issues. There was a spirit of camaraderie, even though they were not […]

Hillary’s Mounting Problems

New polls coming just ahead of the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary show Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders overtaking Mrs. Clinton. She has been steadily losing ground with voters, and now there are new questions about the potential overlap of her work as Secretary of State and in the Clinton’s charity.      The […]

National Security Divides the Candidates

On Tuesday night, CNN hosted a Republican presidential debate featuring the topic that’s on everyone’s mind following the recent terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino: National Security. For policy wonks it was interesting and illuminating. For those unfamiliar with the nuts and bolts of foreign policy it was at times hard to follow. CNN’s […]