Five Signs the Left is Losing the War

So far this week, we have five good reasons to believe the Left is losing its war against President Trump, his agenda, and those who support him. 1. Let’s start with the most satisfying victory, a judge’s ruling that porn “star” Stormy Daniels not only lost her suit against the President, but says she must […]

The Relentless Assault on Free Speech

In the current environment, any strong opinion that opposes someone else’s strong opinion is not just a disagreement, now it’s on the verge of becoming a crime. If the emotion behind a criminal act is hatred toward a particular race, gender, sexual orientation, it is hate crime–worse, somehow because their identity is attacked. If a wedding service […]

Finally, a Clean GOP Debate!

It’s just a few days before 433 delegates are awarded in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, the Virgin Islands, D.C., Guam, Wyoming, and North Carolina. This was a clean debate–the candidates disagreed, but they did not attack each other. Rubio, playing to a home crowd at the University of Miami, had an excellent night. Cruz and […]

President Stretches Truth in SOTU Address

The President’s last State of the Union address on Tuesday night was difficult for conservatives to sit through. President Obama took credit for many things we would consider a detriment to the country, and some facts were skewed to fit his narrative. Perhaps the most egregious truth-stretcher was the one that made it sound like we’ve […]

When Tolerance is Intolerant

When Tolerance is Intolerant There is a new flavor of compromise in Sweden that won’t tolerate Christian beliefs. Medical professionals can no longer be openly pro-life and must lay aside their convictions to keep their jobs. Sweden’s National Coordinator Against Violent Extremism linked pro-life views with ISIS, claiming both are populated by extremists, with pro-life […]

Who is Dr. Ben Carson?

Dr. Ben Carson announced his 2016 Presidential Bid this morning from Detroit to a mostly white crowd. He spoke simply and honestly about his upbringing, his understanding of who America is and what the founders envisioned, and what he would do as president. Early Struggles Carson first talked about his mother, saying she has always had a […]

Praying Citizen

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