Qatar Accused of Sponsoring Terror

An alliance of Arab states, led by Saudi Arabia, announced on Saturday they had severed ties and closed borders with Qatar–one of the wealthiest, but smallest, nations in the area. Qatar has ties to Iran and for funding terrorism, and is being sanctioned by its neighbors. The nations cutting ties with Qatar are Egypt, Saudi […]

U.S. Pushes Back on Iran Missile Test

Iran launched a ballistic missile on Sunday, it’s latest provocation in a string of missile launches and antagonizing moves against U.S. Naval vessels in the Middle East. The missile flew 630 miles before it exploded when it failed on re-entry. Earlier last week, Iranian-supported Houthi rebels from Yemen attacked and blew up a Saudi ship. […]

Hatred for America Grows in Middle East

Iran Harasses U.S. Navy Destroyer Four Iranian military boats harassed the Naval destroyer U.S.S. Nitze on Tuesday in the Strait of Hormuz. Two of those boats came within 300 yards. Naval officials are calling the intercept by Iran unsafe and unprofessional. This follows other provocative moves by Iran, including the capture of U.S. military personnel, […]

Iran gets $400 Million for Prisoner Exchange?

The details came out this week of President Obama’s secret airlift of $400 million in cash to Iran. It coincided with the release of four Americans who had been detained by that country. It was the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement between the Obama administration and Iran for a failed arms deal that dates […]

Iraq’s Troubles and the Iran-North Korea Threat

Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Iraq April 28 to meet with Prime Minister al-Abadi as a show of support for Abadi’s government amid internal turmoil. Abadi is a Shi’ite Muslim who tried to introduce a slate of new ministers to parliament, but he was met by opponents lobbing water bottles and chanting for his removal. […]

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet, Chopper

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 A Russian fighter jet entered Turkey’s airspace on Tuesday near the Syrian border. Turkish officials say the pilots were warned 10 times over five minutes to turn back, but ignored the warnings. Turkish military shot the jet down 30 seconds or less after it entered Turkey’s airspace. One of the two […]