Five Reasons Trump Deserves Christians’ Support

Trump Rally March 29, Grand Rapids, MI It’s being called the most successful presidency in modern history—both for the hefty list of accomplishments, and for the exuberant love that millions of Americans feel for Donald Trump. The rallies he holds in cities from El Paso to Grand Rapids to Chattanooga, are filled to the max […]

9/11 – The Basis for the Conspiracy Theory

The September 11 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers, Pentagon and the failed attempt that ended up as a plane crash in a Pennsylvania field have brought about fierce disagreements among Americans regarding the people behind the attacks. On this 17th anniversary of the tragedy in which thousands of Americans lost their lives, we still […]

$160 Million Hid in Defense Bill Funds Battle Against Conservatives

Social media censorship is swiftly removing conservatives from the internet landscape. Alex Jones, the most outspoken voice on the Right has been yanked from YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and iTunes (all but one podcast) because of “hate speech and harassment.” These platforms are privately owned, but received either massive funding from the US government to get […]

The Moment Q Went Mainstream

Q Anon is a truth movement that has finally gone mainstream. It began when an anonymous poster called “Q” began writing to people on the 8chan bulletin board. Q’s identity isn’t known except that he/she/they are inside the Trump administration and very close to the President. The posts on 8chan began in early November 2017. […]

Another “Process Crime” Indictment in Russia-Collusion Probe

Attorney Alex Van Der Zwaan has been charged with making false statements to federal authorities in the Russia collusion investigation. This is called a process crime, which means it was made during the investigation and would not have happened otherwise. Various media outlets have called Van Der Zwaan a wealthy Russian, a Dutch lawyer, and […]

Conspiracy Corner: Four Clinton-Related Deaths

Barry Sherman, the billionaire Canadian who founded Apotex Pharmaceuticals, and his wife Honey were killed on Friday in what is being called a “suspicious suicide.” Apotex was awarded a contract to supply Haiti with vaccines after the 2010 earthquake devastated that country. His company was one of many to whom Bill Clinton, as Ambassador to […]

Conspiracy Corner:  Down the Rabbit Hole

Praying Citizen has been following the work of someone who posts on bulletin boards professing to be in Trump’s inner circle. He/she/they calls himself “Q” and has come to be known as #QAnon (anonymous) on Twitter. Q has been feeding us what he calls bread crumbs to get researchers looking into the bizarre spiderweb of […]

Islamic Attack on London Bridge: 7 Dead, 48 Wounded

London Bridge – 10 p.m. Saturday, three attackers began their reign of terror. They rented a van and ran over 20 people on London Bridge. They then proceeded to an area of pubs, entering these bars and slashing people with 12-inch knives. Seven were killed and 48 injured before the police shot the three attackers dead. […]

Trump Solidifies Relationship with Israel

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to meet with President Trump at the White House on Wednesday. At a joint press conference, Trump said his administration is committed to working with Israel, and that includes a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. He said it is the “parties themselves” who should directly negotiate […]

Mainstream Media vs.”Fake News” and Freedom of Speech

After the incredible triumph of Donald Trump on November 8, the mainstream media has come under increasing scrutiny. Everyone predicted a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton, and the coverage leading up to the election was anything but fair and balanced. Even the somewhat conservative Fox News was difficult for Trump fans to watch. The constant belittling […]

Are the Presidential Polls Reliable?

If you were to watch Fox News, CNN or ABC, or read the Washington Post, you would be foolish to believe that Donald Trump has even a prayer of winning the November 8th election. Fox has Hillary ahead by six points and ABC/Washington Post says she holds a 12 point lead. On the other hand, […]

Clinton Vilifies the “Alt-Right”– Is she Talking about You?

Last Thursday, Hillary Clinton spoke to an audience in Reno, and made headlines by attacking Donald Trump and his followers. She referred to them as the “Alt-right.” This is what the mainstream media has labeled “populist, nationalist, racist and conspiracist groupings who see themselves as the alternative to mainstream political conservatism.” Hillary’s first accusation was […]