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Biden’s Disastrous Press Conference:Dems in a pickle for 2022

It’s hard to know where to begin explaining President Biden’s disastrous press conference on Wednesday. He stumbled through a speech, lost his place … [Read More...]

Joe Biden’s Very Bad Week

Joe Biden has had the worst week of his presidency. The economy is in terrible shape—as we all know, and now the numbers testify—he lost on mandating … [Read More...]

Battalion of COVID Lies Falling Apart

You have made lies your refuge, and under falsehoods have you hid yourselves. Judgment is coming, when the waters shall overflow your hiding place. … [Read More...]

Skyrocketing Deaths, New Variants– Fear or Faith for 2022?

View this video on Rumble, Bitchute, or Brighteon What’s ahead in 2022? New reports reveal skyrocketing death rates for a world that is already … [Read More...]

Biden’s “Build Back Better” BUSTED

View this video on Rumble, Bitchute, or Brighteon West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin used his power as the deciding vote in the Senate to … [Read More...]