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Democrats Wish for Death of Republicans

Republicans are being targeted for violence. The latest victim was Rep. Steve Scalise, who nearly died last week from gunshot wounds. Thank God, his … [Read More...]

Is the Deep State in Trouble with the Appointment of a New Coms Director?

(Opinion) Obfuscate, Refuse, 'Rezist' are the bywords of the Deep State--establishment employees and Clinton/Obama holdovers that are determined to … [Read More...]

President Welcomed in Poland with Shouts of “Donald Trump! USA!”

President Trump visited Warsaw, Poland on Thursday and the crowd, who identified with his nationalistic and hopeful stance, repeatedly broke out into … [Read More...]

Top Vatican Aide Arrested for  Child Sexual Abuse

A top aide to Pope Francis was arrested last week for child sexual assault. Cardinal George Pell, 76, has returned to Australia where he will be tried … [Read More...]