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Democrats Wish for Death of Republicans

Republicans are being targeted for violence. The latest victim was Rep. Steve Scalise, who nearly died last week from gunshot wounds. Thank God, his … [Read More...]

Conspiracy Corner:  Down the Rabbit Hole

Praying Citizen has been following the work of someone who posts on bulletin boards professing to be in Trump's inner circle. He/she/they calls … [Read More...]

Outrageous Anti-Trump FBI Texts Revealed

Texts between demoted FBI agent Peter Strzok to FBI attorney Lisa Page, with whom he was having an affair, have been released by Fox News. Strzok was … [Read More...]

Roy Moore Calls for Recount, Suggests Voter Fraud Cost Election

The outcome of Tuesday's Senate race in Alabama is being contested by the Republican candidate who was at one time considered a sure winner. Roy Moore … [Read More...]