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FBI Raid on Trump

View on Rumble, Brighteon, or Bitchute. “These are dark times for our nation,” wrote President Trump, after the FBI raided his home … [Read More...]

True or False? Modern Day Prophets

View on Rumble, Brighteon, or Bitchute. View on Rumble, Brighteon, or Bitchute. If you ever watch videos on social media platforms such … [Read More...]

Rapist, Hero, Liars, Crooks & Kooks

View on Rumble Brighteon or Bitchute. It’s important to know the truth, which has been taking quite a beating since the overturn of Roe v. … [Read More...]

Last Days of Liberal World Order 

View on Rumble Brighteon or Bitchute. On Thursday, the administration made no bones about their indifference to the insufferable inflation, … [Read More...]

June Victories: Pride ends in Praise

Above: The five Justices who ruled to protect babies are Gorsuch, Alito, Thomas, Barrett, and Kavanaugh. View … [Read More...]