Putin, Inflation and Escalating Conflict

By now it should be obvious that a concerted and bipartisan effort is underway in Washington to escalate US involvement in the Ukraine war. This effort has been ongoing since Russia entered Ukraine three weeks ago. Today we enter into a new and dangerous phase, as US politicians send $13.6 billion in aid and $800 million […]

Top Six Lies in the Impeachment Case

Watch on YouTube On Tuesday, the Impeachment trial of President Trump began in the Senate–only the third time in history congress has considered such a thing. At this writing, we are not yet through hearing the Democrats in their 12 hours of opening arguments. The Republicans will bring theirs next, also for 12 hours. One […]

It’s Official: Biased FBI Spied on Trump

Watch this on YouTube Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General at the Department of Justice issued his report on the FBI’s efforts to spy on the Trump campaign during and after the 2016 election. The operation was called Crossfire Hurricane. The investigators found that the application to surveil contained 17 instances of inaccuracies and incomplete/unsupported “facts.” […]

US Foreign Aid: Piggy Bank for the Elite

Watch on YouTube It looks as though our prayers are being answered–that God would expose all the evil done by corrupt politicians and exonerate the innocent. First, despite wall-to-wall coverage of impeachment hearings, the case is collapsing. Six weeks of secret depositions and public hearings, and Rep. Adam Schiff still hasn’t been able to find […]

President Trump’s Dangerous Offer to Testify

Watch on YouTube Democrats continue to try and prove President Trump committed an impeachable offense, as enter a second week of “impeachment inquiry” testimony. The Republicans are hampered by the rules set in place by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA): Calling only those witnesses he chooses Holding veto power over any witnesses called by […]

Impeachment: Not Looking Real Good

Watch on YouTube This week, Rep. Adam Schiff is carrying out phase two of his impeachment inquiry hearings, searching for anyone who can provide the grounds to find President Donald Trump guilty of treason or other high crimes. Schiff’s main allegation is that the President withheld military funding from Ukraine in exchange for a corruption […]

Impeachment: Hate Trumps Love

Watch on YouTube The attempt to remove President Trump continues. This week brings us two last-ditch efforts to prove Donald Trump misused his office and should be impeached. First, we have yet another whistleblower who disagrees with Trump’s policies and suggests that he damaged national security during a July 25th call with Ukraine’s president. Next, […]

Signs of Desperation

Watch on YouTube When the Russian election interference strategy didn’t work to remove President Trump, his opponents came up with “the phone call.” This was a July 25th conversation with the newly elected President Zelensky of Ukraine. The allegation is when Trump asked Zelensky to “do us a favor” and look into the Bidens and […]

New Allegation, New Road to Impeachment?

Acting DNI Joseph Maguire testifies before House Intelligence Committee 9/26 Watch on YouTube On Thursday, the Intelligence House Committee heard testimony from Acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire regarding an allegation that President Trump is attempting to sway the upcoming presidential election. The Democrats are calling it a coverup and this is another arrow […]

Russia is on the Move: Ukraine, Iran

  Russia is making headlines for two aggressive moves this week: first, in forming alliances with both Iran and Turkey in the fight against ISIS; and second, in readying its military, perhaps in preparation to invade Ukraine. As reported on August 15, Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan agreed to work together in the fight against […]

NATO Considers Sending 4,000 Troops to Russian Borders

In a belated response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, NATO is considering sending as many as 4,000 troops to Russia’s borders with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.